Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Vibes

 I loooooove this outfit. The other day I wash going through my shirt drawer and I saw these two shirts folded next to each other and I really liked how they looked together, so I made an outfit out of it. I also kind of neglect this skirt. It was my mom's in the 90's when Laura Ashley still made clothes (she would buy me those Laura Ashley floral rompers for me when I was little that I just thought we so god awful and the worst thing in the world sorry mom)
Anyways, it sits in my closet unworn, a lot, mainly because the back pleats are totally out of shape and there's actually a hole in the back too. But those are both fixable. It's still wearable even in it's present shape, the hole is barely noticeable. The only time I use an iron nowadays is to heat set my shirts and bags for my shop, and actually ironing clothes is a new concept for me...haha. But Im sure I can pull of ironing the pleats on a skirt.

I love earthy and fall like colors paired with bright reds and warm colors. Which is why I love getting dressed in colder moths so much more. And layering. Layering rules.


Tops//H&M  Skirt// Vintage Laura Ashley (similar)  Shoes//Blowfish (similar)  Ring// Handemade  Watch// Go Jane


nonnaihr said...

Girl your make up is BOMB here <3

Unicornshavemohawks said...

That skirt's really cute, I love when I find old stuff that I forgot about in my closet... It's like getting a surprise gift from myself xD

Mindi Wooley said...

I love your eye makeup!!!

cakesandcakesvintage said...

I make my boyfriend do all of my ironing. He's just better at it.
Love the orange nails, and your eyes are seriously dreamy here.

Jennifer Adler said...

I totally love this outfit too! ♡ The pattern & colour combinations look gorgeous together.
As for ironing, I'm with you there..

chloe said...

I am completely in love with your hair!


Kerri said...

I had a skirt that had pleats too, when I managed to iron it, I liked it a lot more :)

Jenn said...

That skirt is so quintessentially 90s. Love it!