Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spice Rack and Face Plants

 One of my new favorite things in my apartment is this new spice rack, and my little plants! I got the cabinet from a garage sale and painted the thunder bolt myself. It's been sitting in my office for a good couple of months before I finally got around to painting it and drilling it to the wall. I just love how cute and quirky it looks, this section of the house was lacking in some much needed weirdness.
The face cups I got from Brimfield. I drilled some holes in the bottom of them and voila! Planters! Apparently they'e vintage Campbell's soup cups. Now they house some cute lil succulents. I call them face plants.

 This flowery one is kept in the kitchen. I think it's my favorite.

Can't wait for these little flowers to bloom! I'm trying my best at the green thumb thing, I'm getting better! These are still kicking.  Any plant people out there with good tips?



Kerri said...

I kill all plants. We had one, he got pushed behind the curtain and forgot about. One time, we almost knocked him out of the open window too. We're not allowed plants ;)

Natalie Mulford said...

I love that spice rack & those planters are super cute! I have no tips, I find it hard enough to keep my cats grass alive for him to eat :P

Sierra Rose said...

Such great decor!!

Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

I didn't realize it at first but just noticed, they're the Campbell Soup Kids!

Katzi said...

I love the lightning bolt on your spice rack!! So cute!

cakesandcakesvintage said...

That cupboard is really cool, I like how unexpected it is. The face planters are really adorable too. I'm not great with plants, but that seems like the perfect place for a little indoor herb garden.