Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Living Room

This isn't a second living room tour, but an outfit post in my living room. But it is due for another tour because it's changed a lot. It's waaay more cozy now, and more lived in. I think when I first moved in I was really afraid of dark colors, especially in my living room, because the windows face another building and light is limited. But now I'm embracing it and it's my cozy lil TV cave. I'll show ya soon!
I thrifted this dress at Housing Works which is one of my new favorite places to go thrift shopping since moving to the city. I think there's a Unique Thrift in Union City but I think it's hard to get to without a car.
Anyway, I bought this dress during that spurt we had in summer where the weather was really fall like and this dress as perfect cause it was lightweight but SLEEVES! Why are so many dresses sleeveless nowadays?

I've broken in the doc martens, they are a joy to wear now. The soles really are bouncy! Puts a lil pep in my step, which is good, cause that's my main mode of transportation.


Dress// Thrifted  Tights// HUE  Shoes// Doc Martens  Necklace// Acorn Party  Rings// Modcloth  Watch// Amazon


Sammi said...

Your place is so nice (and very you). And omg that necklace!!!

xox Sammi

Kerri said...

I wish I lived in my own place, I would love to decorate like that. But, living in a rented place, I don't really feel like spending that much money on pretty-ing the place up.
I'll just enjoy looking at your lovely little space!

Gawly Gee said...

So cute! Yeah I would really love a dress with sleeves, I have very few.

Hannah said...

You have such a cool space! I can tell even from these few photos that it's packed with some really interesting & personal details. Looks very home-y to me!

Laura said...

OH my holy shit. That mantlepiece is divine with those rocks and fishies! So So cool. x