Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh, hello!

I snapped this photo the other day when it was kinda sorta snowing out. HOW SWEET ARE THESE LITTLE GUYS? I saw it outside my living room window when I got home the other day and grabbed my camera before I could do anything else. And they stayed like that for a while...I should just add "amateur pigeon photographer" to my resume.
Just thought I'd stop by to share this. Not much else going on here, except for my shop being in it's busy season. So my blog has taken a bit of a backseat, but you know I'll be back soon, and I'm still snapping photos of my day to day things. Like being up to my neck in shipping labels and bubble mailers, haha!
In the meantime, I have a coupon code in the Modern Girl Blitz Shop until Monday!
You can get 20% off if you enter the code CHEERS2014 at checkout, as well as little daily deals that I'm having. Today, buttons are half price, you can check em all out here. 



Izzy McLeod said...

Aw those pigeons are really cute, fun fact about me is that my first sentence was "Kill the piegon" though I definitely don't feel the same way about them now :') <3

The Quirky Queer

Kelsey Abercrombie said...

Aww, cute pigeons!! I just placed an order! I can't believe I haven't ordered from you sooner. Can't wait to put the buttons on my jacket :) Also, I wish the "my pussy, my choice" was a patch cuz that would RULE and I know some ladies who would totally buy that shit.

Marianne said...

While I pretty much hate pigeons, I love this photo! So cute :)

Kerri said...

If you can't call yourself an amateur pigeon photographer on your resume, when can you?

Sailor July xo said...

Aw! What precious birds. I love the picture!