Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photo Diary// Dwellings

Working from home, I'm here like a lot. Especially now that it's getting FREAKIN COLD. I like to make my home as visually pleasing as possible, because I see a lot of these walls. This segment is just some pretty things round my home.

I love having a mantle, I can't imagine having a living room without one now...where would Mike put his rock collection?! Look at all of that.
Also, ledges. I find it makes the ceiling look waaaay higher and spacious when you decorate with things high up.
Having a cocktail at my coffee table last sunday night, and some books. Whiskey and books! Woohoo!
My perfume collection. I never realized how much I had til recently. I'm a seasonal perfume wearer too, some of these are for fall, and other are for winter.



Wardrobe Conversations said...

Your space is ace! Love that Ghost World print. Hx

Ms. Megan said...

your home is so beautiful!! i love all the loveliness tucked into every nook and cranny!! xo

Midge Blitz said...

thank you so much! that's what I strive for, haha :)

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! Ghost World is the bomb dot com.

Kerri said...

That's a pretty impressive collection of rocks!
My house is super boring and plain, but with it being rented and planning on moving in a few years, I don't like the idea of wasting money on creating a cosy place, even though I really really want to.

Candy said...

This is a great set of 'lifestyle' photographs and I really love your aesthetic. I found you from Crumbs in the Bed, and I am so glad I did! :) You've got a great blog here and I'm following you on bloglovin' now! :)

Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

Ursula Zavala said...

oh my gosh! so pretty!! i love the perfume collection!! I didn't even think about coordinating scents with seasons. how neat!


ElenasTravelgram said...

I love the chess set! It's so cool!

By bff and I love playing chess on a cold evening (yeah, we are that geeky...), so I was thinking of buying a fancier one that we now have. This one looks just perfect!