Friday, November 14, 2014

Photo Diary// Hodge Podge

My studio being a mess when I was moving stuff around to move in my giant bookcase. It's not as pretty as it always seems in pictures, obviously. 
A collage I did one sunday morning. I rarely get the change to do collage work like this so it was a lot of fun for me.
A pretty pink building I saw in the lower east side. I was there with my mom and my aunt who was visiting from Florida.
Also in this cooool restaurant called Schillers in the lower east side, they had really cool decor.
My number one art tool: a sharpie. This little guy can take you pretty far creatively. Sometimes the only thing I need!
More candle flame magic! Haha, this happens a lot when I photograph one of my candles when they're buring, this little heart shape pops up! So cute.

Happy Weekend!


Sarah Jane said...

I love Sharpies too. You should do a Sharpie tutorial! :)

Lemon Freckles said...

Lovely typewriter! Also, I adore coloured buildings, especially pink ones...there just a little bit magical. xx

Kerri said...

Sharpies rule :)