Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still Fall

I feel like after Halloween fall gets so rushed into Christmas. But for realz it's still fall! My TV obviously disagrees with all the commercials already, but I'm still enjoying my apple cider scented candles and my pumpkin colored clothing. It was 60 degrees and sunny and there were pretty yellow gingko leaves falling when I was in the park yesterday. It was faaaaaabulous. That said, on my way from for shooting these, I had to stop at the drug store for my witch hazel and I impulse bought some white xmas lights for my mantle. They were on sale, and I am weak around sales. haha.

This backpack is totally my everyday backpack. For all the walking around I do, I need a good big bag to carry all my crap, especially when I need to run errands and go to the store. I'm also the type to want my entire life with me in my bag when I go out.


Dress// Thrifted (similar)  Shirt// H&M  Ring// Vintage  Socks// Old (similar)  Boots// Timberland Watch// Go Jane Backpack// Modcloth (sold out)  Sunglasses// Vintage via Mom


Sammi said...

Mustard yellow is such a great color on you. I can't really wear much of it (it looks weird with my complexion), so I'll live vicariously. You look adorable. It still felt like autumn here, but we're supposed to get snow on Friday! I'm not ready.

xox Sammi

Safiya said...

I love the shirt popping out underneath the dress, it's classier than just throwing it over the top. I've got to say I am the same when it comes to backpacks - I literally chuck everything in mine - so practical for running errands.

chloe said...

Oh man, mustard is just the best autumn colour. Its all I want!

Gawly Gee said...

That is the perfect fall outfit! It's really cute! I love that ring too.
Fall is my season and Halloween is my holiday so it makes me really sad when people rush right into Christmas. The Santa Claus is already at the mall!
It's already down in the 30's here so I fear winter is coming all too quickly.

Michelle | said...

I looove this outfit! That dress is the perfect shape--what an awesome thrift find!--and I love the socks and shirt. Love love love. <3