Monday, December 29, 2014

TV Party Tonight

Oh hai, how's it goin? As usual this time of year I have fallen off the face of the interweb earth, Hey, sue me. I'm still enjoying my time off on my Holiday vacation, watching a lot of (too much) netflix crap, and I got Apple TV for Christmas which means I can binge netflix shows without my laptop going nuts. I'm always afraid that on my fifth consecutive Gilmore Girls episode a little cloud of smoke with burst from my computer and the screen will go black because it's too exhausted. But now I can just watch it on my actual TV like a normal person, and Mike is now shamefully invested in the plot lines of my silly TV shows.

Anyway, the day these were taken me and Mike were on our way headed to Brooklyn, mainly to visit a game shop so he could get some last minute Christmas gifts. Then we had a spur of the moment dinner with my cousin and her fiance at a restaurant next to the comedy cellar in the village, in which I had to walk past Sarah Silverman's comedy set to go to the bathroom. I got to listen to Sarah Silverman tell jokes while I peed. Lucky me!

This scarf was made by my table neighbor at the BUST Craftacular a few weeks back. She was a cool lady and this scarf is so perfect, cause it's black but has the little confetti dots which are so my thang.
Well, I'm off for more holiday season socializing. Hope you have stellar NYE plans!


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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmassy Office

Such a festive little work hole I have! These lights are the old ones my parents used to have when they didn't have the pre-lit tree. Back when work was nuts in the past few weeks it made things a bit more cheery when I would be churning away.

 Right now I am obviously on my "christmas vacation", currently back on Long Island with the folks (back home baller), but I had these pretty office pictures that I wanted to at least share sometime before Christmas.
 Pretty lights reflecting on the many many (MANY!) buttons.

Right now I'm sitting in the living room with mom and watching Jerry Springer, while dad cooks christmas eve dinner in the kitchen. Oh, family.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Dinky Christmas Tree

Oh yes, that is a hand on top of my charlie brown tree. Kinda stuck it there out of the blue, because I had no tree topper. I keep on hoarding those hand things!
Gotta love a little pathetic tree like this. It was the last one this size at the church by me that sells trees, that seemed like it was mobbed up. Oh, Hoboken.

I got the vintage ornaments for like 3 bucks a pop at the vintage store thats a few blocks away, which is my favorite place to go on the weekends around here. Always finding cool crap there!

Isn't it cuuute? Anyways, sorry bout the radio silence, things have yet to calm down around here. It's not the holidays if I'm not juggling 15 things at once, whaddya gonna do? Once I feel like things are slowing down, it picks right back up. Hey, I'm still grateful.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Office Chaos

Who, me  blogging?! Yeah, things have been busy, as they always are round these parts during the holiday season. Don't be fooled though, I love every minute of it. Packing orders is actually my favorite part of my job, and I get to do that ALOT in December.
 Of course with plenty of coffee. I think I wore this skirt every day this week, I've obviously been wearing just whats comfortable and easy, and I refuse to work (or go to the post office) in pajamas. I don't get to do a lot of the regular things that regular jobs come with, but I will allow myself that awesome feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day. Hahaha!

Being as my work days have been at least 12 hours long, podcasts have been my saving grace for sanity, and yes, I am finally on the Serial bandwagon.  I'm up to episode 9. Do you listen to it? What do you think? I find my self having to rewind a lot because it gets so complicated.

Well, back to work for me.


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Monday, December 8, 2014

BUST Craftacular

Oh hello, there! Long time no see. I am in the midst of holiday career  crafting madness, but loving every hectic crazy minute of it. This weekend was the BUST Magazine Holiday Craftacualr, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience in every single aspect. Rhiannon was such an amazing friend and kept me company both day the the fair and was my cheerleader and little helper and feedback giver. And Mike help me carry all of this crap to and from Greenpoint and bared the G train with me. 

 Not to mention all of the rad folks like you reading this now that I got to meet and talk with. One person said "your just as cool IRL as you are online" and I wanted to like cry. Ya'll are too much!
 Also this is my favorite table set up yet. I'm getting better at it fast! This shopping baskets are for sure my best curb find yet (aside from my trunk coffee table). I used my favorite vintage typewriter to display my prices and business cards. You can see they were slightly different on each day, because I forgot my earrings the first day because my brain was all over the place. I also forgot my decent camera so all of these are iphone photos. Though a few lovelies with nice camera asked and took some photos of my table, so if you're one of those lovelies and reading this, I'd love to see.

Me looking crazy while arranging my display on the first day. This is my candid face, and it's hilarious. I'm IN THE ZONE.

And you KNOW I made some time to shop the fair for myself, look forward to a haul post soon! All of the vendors were absolutely the best, and I sat next to such nice ladies. Especially to my right I met a lady who makes really cozy scarves and she was so much fun to talk to.

This fair was hands down the best fair I've been to, and I seriously cannot believe how lucky I am to have this as par of my job. There wasn't a dull moment and all of you who stopped by couldn't have been more fabulous. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Monday, December 1, 2014

New things on my Head

 I got my hairs chopped off almost two weeks ago, I get really ancy once my hair gets long enough to go in a pony tail. I also have a new-ish tattoo that I don't think I shared on here yet. Behold, the eyyyyye...
 I was super excited to get my hair cut once this baby healed so it's much more visible now. Obviously I have a thing for eyes, I always thought they were cool. And back of the neck I think is a clever spot to put it. Hey, now I can see everything behind me! Haaaaa.
Tattoo is by the wonderful Karen Glass Tattoo and my hair is by the lovely Ruby at Paul Fox Salon. We discussed going bright red next time I see her, whaddya think?

OK, back to the etsy orders.