Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmassy Office

Such a festive little work hole I have! These lights are the old ones my parents used to have when they didn't have the pre-lit tree. Back when work was nuts in the past few weeks it made things a bit more cheery when I would be churning away.

 Right now I am obviously on my "christmas vacation", currently back on Long Island with the folks (back home baller), but I had these pretty office pictures that I wanted to at least share sometime before Christmas.
 Pretty lights reflecting on the many many (MANY!) buttons.

Right now I'm sitting in the living room with mom and watching Jerry Springer, while dad cooks christmas eve dinner in the kitchen. Oh, family.



Jess Buckley said...

love photos of your office. the festive touches make it even better!

Kerri said...

They look really lovely! I put a little tinsel around my desk and I'm not too sure if I'll even take it down haha

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!!