Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Dinky Christmas Tree

Oh yes, that is a hand on top of my charlie brown tree. Kinda stuck it there out of the blue, because I had no tree topper. I keep on hoarding those hand things!
Gotta love a little pathetic tree like this. It was the last one this size at the church by me that sells trees, that seemed like it was mobbed up. Oh, Hoboken.

I got the vintage ornaments for like 3 bucks a pop at the vintage store thats a few blocks away, which is my favorite place to go on the weekends around here. Always finding cool crap there!

Isn't it cuuute? Anyways, sorry bout the radio silence, things have yet to calm down around here. It's not the holidays if I'm not juggling 15 things at once, whaddya gonna do? Once I feel like things are slowing down, it picks right back up. Hey, I'm still grateful.



The Emerald Ruby said...

I love your tree! It's very unique

Colleen said...

Is that a dishwashing glove on top??? Anyhow, I totally love it. People don't use tinsel enough these days.

Kerri said...

He's a cute little tree! I really need some of that loose tinsel for my tree.

I actually think the hand is kind of genius for a topper!