Monday, December 29, 2014

TV Party Tonight

Oh hai, how's it goin? As usual this time of year I have fallen off the face of the interweb earth, Hey, sue me. I'm still enjoying my time off on my Holiday vacation, watching a lot of (too much) netflix crap, and I got Apple TV for Christmas which means I can binge netflix shows without my laptop going nuts. I'm always afraid that on my fifth consecutive Gilmore Girls episode a little cloud of smoke with burst from my computer and the screen will go black because it's too exhausted. But now I can just watch it on my actual TV like a normal person, and Mike is now shamefully invested in the plot lines of my silly TV shows.

Anyway, the day these were taken me and Mike were on our way headed to Brooklyn, mainly to visit a game shop so he could get some last minute Christmas gifts. Then we had a spur of the moment dinner with my cousin and her fiance at a restaurant next to the comedy cellar in the village, in which I had to walk past Sarah Silverman's comedy set to go to the bathroom. I got to listen to Sarah Silverman tell jokes while I peed. Lucky me!

This scarf was made by my table neighbor at the BUST Craftacular a few weeks back. She was a cool lady and this scarf is so perfect, cause it's black but has the little confetti dots which are so my thang.
Well, I'm off for more holiday season socializing. Hope you have stellar NYE plans!


Coat// Modcloth  Shirt// Gift from Mike's Mom  Skirt// H&M  Hat// Marc Jacobs  Scarf// Knitted by Patrice  Tights// Target  Socks// HUE  Shoes// Doc Marten


Colleen said...

lol about the cloud of smoke from the laptop. seriously my old computer totally busted because i fell asleep watching "the swan princess." it was not a happy moment for me.


Gawly Gee said...

Man, that blue coat is pretty awesome. I have to say I love hearing the little things you have to say about your neighborhood or places you go in NYC. My brother lives in Brooklyn as I'm sure I've mentioned and it is my dream to live there or somewhere in New York. My brother tells me East Harlem is cheap. Maybe one day I'll make it.

We're actually going to this bar close to where I used to live, called the Silver Ballroom. For New Year's Eve you get free pinball and well drinks all night for the price of $30! The bar is my favorite in St. Louis because of the pinball and the punk rock juke box. I think you'd dig it.

Sammi said...

You look so cute, and the colors in these photos are so lovely. Hope your holiday was fantastic!

xox Sammi

Krista Clor said...

The scarf is so cool!

Midge Blitz said...

That bar does sound pretty amazing!! And thank you, glad to be of assistance in the goings on of NYC haha :)

Midge Blitz said...

It was thanks girl!

Midge Blitz said...

Oh, man, and unhappy moment indeed.

Kerri said...

TV and the holidays... that's what it's all about. We're currently making out way through Once Upon A Time.

You're looking gorgeous as always! Must admit, I want to change my hair from blue and then I see yours and I fall back in love with blue all over again!