Friday, January 31, 2014

Whats in my Bag

 So I thought I would show you lovely folks what's currently in my bag! I got this wonderfully seafoam purse at a store in Paris (ooh la la I so fancy) and it's become my go to.

So on a usual given day, you'll find me toting around of course my cell phone and wallet (from Kohls), my phone complete with this filter dial thingy that makes my cell phone photos look all arsty. I of course have my sketch book, and two pens, cause you never know. I have my lady nail file from Pylones, and oh yeah, a tiny troll. She's my friend.
This is my pocket mirror, which was the first one I made with my machine. I didn't have any art work at the ready for it yet so Mike gave me a Magic card to use. He is so into that game, like the total nerd he is. But I love my nerd. And now this mirror makes me a nerd by association. I don't play the game, but I keep on finding these cards around like freakin' nerdy snail trail. I use them as book marks, too. Thanks, boyfriend.
I always carry business cards with me because you know, I'm a professional and stuff. I got this adorable mini wallet from this etsy shop to use as my card holder. It's so colorful!

And of course the most important thing, my sketch/idea book. I jot everything down in this, from random shop ideas, to outfits I wanna wear, doddlin's, random thoughts I need to just get out, everything. It's my life in a hot pink duct tape covered book.

So, in case you were wondering, now you know what I lug around :)


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bright & White

Dress// Modcloth
Scarf// Modcloth
Glasses// Coastal
Shoes// Abound
Tights// Target
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson

I love pairing bright items with black and white pieces. I need more black and white dresses to go with all of my bright tights and accessories. I had this scarf for a couple years, and I call it my spaghetti scarf.
This is what I wore yesterday to hang out with one of my best and oldest bud Shannon. Got lunch and caught up, which was great, and then spent way too much money at Lush. (if you're looking for a good scrub, Rub Rub Rub is gonna be your new best friend to need to buy it) We're such mall rats. I always complain about the obscene amount of malls they keep on building on Long Island but I'm always at them. Buying stuff. hahaha.
I think soon I want to cut my hair back to chin length, and dye the whole head the same greenish color as my streak. I haven't had my whole head a "color" for years and years and I think it's time to do it again. I need a change. When I was 17 I had the perfect cobalt blue on my whole head. The rest of my personal style was questionable though, because I was 17.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fake Vintage

Dress// Thrifted (but from Target, though it looks vintage)
Glasses// Kiss
Shoes// Miz Moo 

It's always strange when I find something at the thrift store that looks vintage, but it isn't! I have a funny thrifting strategy, where when I find something, even if I like it, if it's from last season from H&M, or any basic store like that, I'm still reluctant to buy it. Just cause I want something that's lived a little ya know? A dress thats been through some stuff. I want all of the old dresses.

This dress looks vintage but its from target, and it's thrifted. So I made an exception, it's just so cute! I've been wanted a long sleeved dress for a bit now, even if the sleeves are sheer. Just looking at my clothing articles that don't have any sleeves at this time of year give me chills.

My week is going very productive-y. Last week was kinda meh. Working alone from your house gets tough sometimes to keep the moral up and perky. A lot of it was probably severe cabin fever. It seriously won't stop snowing. But the sun is out today, so there's that!
I promise I'm gonna try my hardest to talk less about weather. And not be boring. OK, that's all I got today.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giveaway // Win a pouch from Chaos Parade!

Hey lovlies! I have an awesome giveaway for you today from Kelsey's shop, Chaos Parade! This shop sells really cute accessories and pouches made from lots of fun prints. Who doesn't love a good novelty print? Seriously, who?!

Ok, ok, down to the deets. Here's how to enter to win a pouch of your choice from the shop!

// Head over to Chaos Parade on Etsy, and leave a comment with your favorite print!
// For an extra entry, follow Kelsey's blog, too. You can also find all her social media links there as well! You can follow/like any of those for another extra entry :)

Be sure to leave separate comments if you leave more than two entries so they will get counted! In your comment be sure to leave your preferred way to be contacted in the event that you win. (email, carrier pigeon, whatever)

The winner will be selected Tuesday, February 4th at noon EST.
Good luck :)


Monday, January 27, 2014


Jeans & Top// H&M
Glasses// Kiss
Brooch// Handmade
Earrings// The Plaid Barn
Shoes// Modcloth 

That's right, I'm wearing pants. I have a drawer full of jeans I haven't word for a good 3 years, because of my frustration in how jeans aren't cut to fit me, ever, I had abandoned wearing pants (that aren't pajamas) all together. I have that problem where they fit or are tight everywhere, except my waist, where they're too big. Constant. Struggle. Even these I'm wearing here, are pretty conformable, but have the same problem. THEY ALL DO. Don't believe the liiiies.
So I've been wearing dresses and skirts day after day for years now. But man, IT'S COLD. It's a windy, icy, pit of miserable out there and my legs get cold. So this weekend I ventured out into the public in pants for the first time in a while. I saw some friends that I wonder if they have ever even seen me wearing jeans. And it's doubtful.

Also, don't mind the stains on the jeans. Back when I wore pants on the regs I was too punk to care about paint getting all over my clothes.  Grrrrrrr.
So, if I find pairs that suit me, I may return to pants occasionally. If not, consider this post a very fine rarity.


Friday, January 24, 2014


Ok, I'm ready for you, Valentines Day.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

<3 <3 <3,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roller Grrrl

These be my new skates! They're pretty basic, good beginner skates. They were recommended to me by my buddies, Rhiannon who's also just starting out has the same pair. They're Riedell R3s, nice n' comfy and snug, with Radar Flat Our wheels which are good and wide/grippy, good for balance and for like not slipping, haha. I have yet to get the chance to actually skate on them, it's the dead of winter so going outside is a big NOPE, and because of recent snow storms here driving to the roller rink is also a NOPE. So I've kinda been hobbling around in them to get my feet used to them and stuff. I'm so excited to actually get to use them. Don't worry, I also got all the padding I'll need (safety first, people!) as well as some pretty purple outdoor wheels for when I find some good open lots to practice in! There's lots of those on this island.

They're super soft and "sticky" so I can skate on freakin' boulders with these wheels. I'm watching a ton of youtube videos and reading a lot of articles on derby gear, what kind of wheels are for what, how to maintain skates, and all that kind of stuff. The Gotham Girls in NYC have a bootcamp training, but I missed sign up by a DAY. So I signed up for their mailing list so I'll know right away when the next one is. For now I can practice on my own and watch lots of videos on skating. In the meantime, I wasn't lying when I said I really am just wearing them around the house. I couldn't help but do some GPOY skate shots.

It looks so funny wearing skates in my usual backdrop, on a carpet. Picture that, me hobbling back and forth in my room to a tripod in skates, haha. I love to accessorize, I can't help it, and to me, roller skates are the coolest accessory a girl can own. While learning to play derby and joining a league and making derby friends and being a part of a team is the main goal here, I can't help but drool about all the cool stuff I can buy to make my skates all pretty and all the sweet hot pants and knee socks I'll get to wear. Soon I wanna buy these pretty mint green toe stops, too! I have barely starting and I'm already having fun just thinking and learning about my new hobby here. I'm pumped!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Film Photos // The Woods

Wowweee these pictures are all the way back from the summer! These are from a little detour hike we took on the way back from one of our little cabin trips.

Especially with our snowy and subzero weather hear in the north east, these pictures are making me sigh a bit.

In other news, my skates arrived yesterday! Once there's enough sun for me to get decent pictures I'll tell ya all about them, which may come in handy for any other beginners out there, I hope! The snow is really pissing me off now cause I can't drive anywhere to go to a roller rink and I sure as hell can't go skating anywhere outside. Womp womp wompppp!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter in the City

Dress// Modcloth (similar)
Shirt// Anthropologie
Socks// American Apparel 
Boots// Bass Outlet
Coat// Michael Kors
Hat// Target

I recruited Mike to take my outfit photos of me, but I took pictures of the cute animals.

I love long socks. I forgot I even had these, until I cleaned out my "junk" drawer. Not sure what they were even doing in there...but I love over the knee thick socks for winter. So cozy. Layering is always fun when you're spending a day in the city and going to be outside for a majority of the time. This is the coat I wear most of the time, it's the warmest one I have. I have yet to bite to bullet and get one of those puffy down coats. I hate the way those look but they are too warm to pass up. My mom has one, she calls it her "monster coat", and it's impossible to be cold when you wear it. Jealous.

Me and Mike went into the city yesterday to hang around downtown and then to our friends place for a very ridiculous and amusing screening of "Ancient Aliens". Thats show is all kinds of un-believeable and fun to watch with a group of friends who have good comebacks for everything.

As a self employed babe, I always feel weird on federal holidays and whether or not I should take the day off. Usually I get a lot of blog and laptop work done. I think today I'll plan on work on my little zine/book on my 365 Ways of Feminism project, do some design work, and possibly do some tidying around my quarters of the house. My pajama drawer is kind of out of control.

Whatever you're planning on doing today, hope you're having a good one!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Thrifted Head to Toe

Sweater, Dress, & Shoes// Thrifted
Glasses// c/o Coastal

Happy Friday! This week crawled a bit for me so I'm excited for some weekend relaxin'. So, yeah this entire outfit, aside from glasses and tights are thrifted! I got them all in the same trip. It's 90's tastic. Also, I was gonna photoshop out that big zit but I decided not to. We all get zits. Zits happen.

Last night I went skating for the second time! I went to the same place. My derby skates are in the mail so I still had to rent the crappy ones. I'm no expert just yet, but I know that the skates there are old and clumsy. I'm so pumped to get on some real skates! Anyways, back to last night. It was 21 and over night, so there were no kids for me to be scared of accidentally falling on. When we got there it was sort of dead, which is what I expected, like how many grown people leisurely skate on Thursday nights? I was so wrong. With in an hour is was PACKED. You guys, I think I found a portal to the 70's and it's at Hot Skates on Long Island on Thursday nights at approximately 10 o' clock. Apparently there's this huge subculture of middle aged people that skate/dance/prance to soul and disco. And they're really good at it. I swear to god I saw a man in a white leisure suit skate dancing in the middle of the rink under a disco ball. It could have not been more perfect. How did I not know about these people? Did I miss something? I had no idea this existed! I also saw a man that looked like Larry David doing spins! Who knew? I saw lots of ladies too, skating backwards and spinning and all that. I guess it proves that there so much out there in terms of interests and communities that most people don't know about. I mean I belong to the one where I pose in front of a tripod in my room and talk about thrifted clothing.

With that said, not too sure if it was the greatest environment for someone to practice skating for roller derby. I got lots of un-solicited advice/help from fellow skaters telling me to basically do the opposite of what you're supposed to do when you wanna skate like a derby girl. (one guy looked like Fabio and held out his hand for me and I was like I'M GOOD, THANKS.)  What all the other skaters were doing was much more, uh, graceful. Not knockin' it, those people were really really good. I just gotta find and indoor place for the rest of the winter that welcomes speed style skating. But once it gets warm I'm switchin' to the outdoor wheels and I'm starting the hunt for a good outdoor roller rink in the parks by me.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shiny New Bookcase

I caved and bought a new bookcase. The old one was such a pice of you know what, and was starting to slant. The last thing I need is my bookcase holding some of my favorite things, toppling over. It was really cheap. It was slantly in this weird way where it looked like some sort of weird Tim Burton hallucination. And not in a good way.

I decided to go with a new white one, which doesn't slant, and looks alot nicer! It really brightens up my room. 

I have way too many notebooks, most of them blank. I need to stop buying notebooks! In the mean time I can just use them for decoration.
My Twin Peaks trading cards are of course on display, because I'm a what? A nerd. That's what.

This is m ylittle courtney love game thing I got off of Etsy. It's kind of amazing.
Fun fact about me: sometimes  like to carry these tiny champagne confetti popper around with me so I can set them off at random small victories. Yup.


PS I'd like to thank everyone who left nice/encouraging comment on my last post. Your words really meant a lot to me and made me smile and thus I felt much better. <3 <3 <3 Hugz for all!