Friday, June 27, 2014


 I call this hair do the "Pebbles/Kathleen Hanna". I also call it "I need a haircut". I think next time I get it cut I'm gonna also have her do something with the color. Blue has been on my radar for some time now, and I think that would look pretty cooool.
Last night I went to a talk by one of my favorite artists Adam JK, which was just the burst of inspiration I needed. Also I got to hang out and drink beer with artist strangers on a rooftop in Dumbo with a great view. It ruled. Did some b-card trades which always makes me feel all professional and like an actual sociable human who can talk about art. I rarely go to social and art events alone, I can get pretty skid-dish and kind of awkward at times, so I was proud of myself for going by myself and doing a somewhat social thing that made me happy and left inspired to make more things.


Romper (worn as top) // H&M Skirt// H&M (similar) Shoes// Kensie  Necklace// I forget.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo Diary // Colorful Abode

I need to always be surrounded by alll the colors. While going through my photos over the past month to compile another photo diary, I found that all of them are of colorful little details around me.
Bowl o' brooches.
Color coded closet. I am such a virgo. 
Boxes for my etsy orders.
Desk things! That lamp used to be black which bored me, so I turned it into C3PO.  

 I've taken a liking to orange. Also this pillow is da best.

...Even my dishwasher is a rainbow.

Happy almost weekend :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Candy Stripes

I can't get enough of stripes lately. And red and white are my favorite! Best color combo. As long as I never wear it with green and end up looking like a Christmas elf named Peppermint. Or something.

I'm starting to finally feel settled and adjusted in in joisey (my way of saying New Jersey). I rearranged some stuff in my office yesterday (which I'll blog about soon!) and I like it much more in here now.  I was proud of myself because I came up with a solution for something that I wanted to buy, but I was able to mimic said thing with stuff I already had, and saved a few hundred bucks. Always good! It's finny how a few minor adjustments can really make a difference.

How awesome is that ring! It has Divine's face on it. I recently watched the documentary on him, called I am Divine. It was both hilarious and inspiring. Things I always looks for in people I look up to.


Top// H&M  Skirt// Vans  Shoes// JuJu Jellies  Divine Ring// Leroy's Place Necklace// Handmade

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's in my Bag // Summer Essentials

Summer's here! Here are some of the things I can be found toting around (or for the bathing suit, wearing. Technicalities. Whatever!)

For the summer I love cheap statement jewelry. I say cheap because chlorine, the sun, and salt water can mess up some jewelry, so I find it's good to not a spend a lot on stuff that may get damaged while splashin' around.
Sunglasses, for obvious reasons, and a goooooood book to get lost in while in a lounge chair. Carsick by John Waters is what I'm reading now, I'm not even half way in and it's already full of doozies. If you're a fan of this guy, you need to read this book immediately. Even if you're not that familiar, it's still one of those books that you could finish in a day, if you had that kind of time.

Also, I always have my metrocard while galavanting around, especially in the long summer days (to quote The Julie ruin, in case you know, you gotta go).
My high waisted mix/matched suit. I got the high waisted bottoms from Modcloth, I don't think they are available right now cause I got them last year, but they are having a 30% off sale on all swim wear right now! They have tons of cute high waisted numbers.

That camera is the camera I use for pretty much all the film photos you see on this blog. The best part about film for me if the surge of memories when you get your rolls developed weeks or months later, which is great to re-live awesome summer memories.


Swimsuit Bottoms// Modcloth (sold out, similar)  Swimsuit Top// Old Navy  Tote// My Shop  Sunglasses// Modcloth  Jewelry// Thrifted

Monday, June 23, 2014


I got this magic 8 ball for free from a neighbor that was getting rid of some crap..a true one mans trash is another's treasure situation! I love these things, I think they're coooool.

I have an obsession with stripes right now, especially paired with polka dots. It's a such a good way to mix patterns. I think next time I wear this jumper, I'll throw on some tights. It's a bit short, even by my standards.

 I've taken a real liking to how my photos come out in my sun-drenched studio. I have yet to use my studio lights, cause I haven't needed them yet. I do have to venture outside more, too.

It's officially summer as of this weekend, and I had a great one. We found the closest mall to us, which is in Jersey City and like 30 minute walk. I'm not crazy about like "mall culture" but it was fun to explore our surrounding area. It was like a portal back into suburbia, haha. Also, it has a Lush store which was good for my skin, bad for my wallet. But I seriously cannot live without fancy bath products. Over all, a successful mall venture! Sunday we went into the city for some hangoutz and drinks. It's so nice being close to Manhattan and Brooklyn now, and going in to meet up with friends is so easy and not a dreaded trip anymore that relies on railroad schedules. Life is good.  Successful weekend!

Jumper// Modcloth  Top// H&M  Shoes// Modcloth  Glasses// c/o Coastal Sheriff Pin// Vintage

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Film Photos // Sculpture Garden

I got a roll of film back yesterday and on it were  a few photos of the sculpture garden from this day on it, so I thought I'd share.

Some of them are creepy, beware!

It's weird looking at pictures with dead trees and snow on the ground. So glad summer is amongst us...


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY // A Starry Nightlight

I'm here today with another simple DIY! I love xmas lights as decor, and I'm always thinking of new ways to display them aside from just sticking them to the wall, so this hanging light was born! Also, I didn't feel like buying a floor lamp for this dark corner in my living room. Yay, solutions!
(sidenote: those little dots are a result of my camera lens, they didn't show up in real life, unfortunately)

What you'll need:
+ Stretched canvas, 11 x 14 is used here
+ String of xmas lights, 6 ft long string is used here
+ Safety pins
+ Acrylic paint and brushes

Arrange your lights on the canvas in a spiral, leaving enough slack on the end for you to be able to hang it and plug it in once it's done. Careful not to puncture the lights with the pins!
I used safety pins cause I like how they look, but you can use any sort of pin you'd like. I feel like the pins that have the different colored dots on top of them would look cool with this, too!

Then, get to painting!

To go along with the name of the DIY, I went with a some what Starry Night inspired motif. 

I used two small rounded brushes for my design. I always prefer rounded for almost anything, so much easier to do line work with.

Once it', dry, it's ready for hanging! Preferably right above an outlet.

This is great cause it also looks great during the day, too!