Thursday, January 29, 2015

Studio Dweller

Perfect skirt length achieved! Though I get kinda nuts when my skirt length is significantly longer than my coat in the winter. It's better than my skirt riding all the way up giving the people of Hoboken a free show while I stomp to the post office. So I'll take it.

If you notice a little silver dash in the skirt, placed there because I read that the metal helps get rid of static cling. I think it's working? Anyone know of any tips on getting rid of pesky static?

I now own two pieces of jewelry that say bitch on them and I am very pleased with that decision.

Another recent drawing. It has all my favorite things to draw in it: Venus symbol, hand and an eye! I think I might actually make it into a painting, something I haven't done in forever. Weekend project perhaps.


Skirt// Modcloth  Top// H&M  Ring// Leroy's Place  Necklace// C Wonder  Shoes// Indigo

Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo Diary// Photo Dump

I have quite the back log of random photos to share with you for a long over due photo diary. Here goes nothin...
The floor is my favorite place to sit and draw. Give me the nicest desk in the world, I'll still plop myself on the rug in my studio instead.
A window sill in my living room lookin all pretty. That wine bottle my late uncle gave me because it has a Keith Harring Label and the vintage is my birth year! You may have seen it here and there in the background of my photos, wondering why that wine bottle is always hanging out. I also have a flattened version of it to hang on my wall that my dad got me years later, of the same exact label!
My ceramic hand signed by Amy Sedaris on a shelf in my living room, surrounded  by pretty birdies my mom gave me.
Studio shelf. Those shopping baskets were like the best curb find ever. They look cool and are soooo handy. On top is random stuff that I don't know where to put and the bottom holds my button making supplies.
More window sills, this being the bay window in the bedroom. My favorite in the house because it's a bay window and uh, doesn't face a brick wall. The Raggedy Ann vase my parents say they swiped from some table they were sitting at on their honeymoon. Rowdy.
Miranda July's new book, The First Bad Man. I'm just at the part where it starts to get really weird. and Miranda July-y. Are you / have you read it? I like it but I'm not NUTS about it, it's super uh, Miranda July.

I snapped these photos of the WTC from my bed room window, with a telephoto lens. I wanted to see how close up I could get with that baby, and damn it can zoom! Can't believe I'm able to get a NYC shot like that from an apartment in Jersey!
Spent a cozy evening last week reading zines in bed, my friends got me a huge bundle from Chrsitmas. They're all perzines (personal zines), which are my favorite. It's reading someone's diary. 
Oh, and here's a cat in Brooklyn saying hi.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snake Eyes

OK, so I'm a huge animal person, but like most people snakes aren't on the top of my favorite critter list. Buuuut I really like this brand's dresses, the cut and length are really just perfection. AND I got it for like $100 off at a local boutique here that's closing. WIN.
I like how from far away, the print looks like fancy shmancy wall paper kind print, but it's actually snakes and eyes.
I've been really looking for dresses in just above the knee lengths more now a days. On Monday I was going into the city for lunch and I found that the dress I was wearing was constantly riding up on my commute, making me seriously uncomfortable all day. I'm sooooo tired of having to tug at every dress I wear, but I bought it anyway because of a cute print, or what have you. Over the mini dress.

Do you like my trunk? I garbage picked and decorated it in high school. It holds many relics of that time like those belts made out of bullet shells and slip-on checkered Vans. That trunk is where punk died.


Dress// Nooworks  Tights// Target  Shoes// Doc Martens

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Things!

Yesterday I was working my butt off making some new items for the Modern Girl Blitz Shop! I'm super excited for a new year and new things to grace my little store. I have tons of new stickers, including those cute lil round ones.

I also revamped my Log Lady Tote, made three new buttons, and a Roller Girl pocket mirror.

So, this weekend only (technically starting now) you can enter the coupon code OMGNEWSTUFF for 15% off your whole order! Ends this Sunday at Midnight EST.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Art or Work? Work or Art?

 Given my profession as an artist, designer, and career crafter, it's very tough to differentiate what is art and what is work. Nowadays, I feel like there isn't much a difference for me. If I make something cool and I like it, it most surely get posted on the internet, making it available for lots of eyes to see and the  those eyes want that piece as said merchandise so they can own it in one form or another. Which is kind of really cool. And I can't just not give the people what they want.

 This Rat Queen is my latest piece, which kind of brought upon this whole train of thought on what's art and what's work and does it even matter if there's a difference this far in the game as a career crafter. But yeah, this will most likely get burned onto a screen so I can make totes and apparel from it. Hey, it's a living.
I'm wearing something super comfy but still fun today, my celestial dress with a top over it, because winter. This dress has my favorite print on it, so I like to make as many outfits as possible from it, though this is only it's second appearance here on this ol' blog-o.

Hope this week is being nice to you so far!


Dress// See You Monday  Shirt// Craft store  Shoes// Indigo  Necklace// Glitterlimes

Monday, January 12, 2015

For a Song

 Hello! A  long time coming outfit post today, finally. I got this dress Saturday at Buffalo Exchange (a hipster thrifty store chain). Every couple of years or so I go there in hopes of selling some stuff that I don't wear and more often than not, sell nothing, and also still buy something because hey, I'M THERE ANYWAY. That's basically exactly what happened. I only got one thing, being this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. I have no idea what season it's from, but I never cared about that sort of thing anyway. Going to somewhat higher end thrift stores for me are a great way to get those "investment pieces" without the investment. I got this for 38 smack-a-roos.

I haven't worn my hair straight since my last hair cut, and I'm kinda digging the Karen O bowl-like shape with my bangs. I didn't really notice it that much when I was wearing it wavy. A pleasent surprise! These cat eye glasses are an old friend, they go well with the bookish feel of the dress, I think. I feel like a fancy Enid Coleslaw today.


Dress// Marc by Marc Jacobs, thrifted  Shoes// Blowfish  Glasses// Ebay  Bracelet// C Wonder

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Fist real snow of the season, and man it's purdy. Call me Lorelei Gilmore but I really enjoyed my walk yesterday in the light snow fall. Also, I wish I came up with "Snowboken" but alas, it's a common phrase round these parts. I also thought I came up with "Hobroken" (like "Brokelyn") but just the other day my computer picked up a wireless network called just that. Womp.

Anyway, more pretty snow photos await you...

And from the safety of my cozy apartment...

Also, while we're on the subject of my town, the New York Times finally recognized Hoboken as a good NYC alternative (something I've been telling people for a few years now) in this article. I feel like everyone who lives here is sharing this article with every one like, "SEE?! THE NYT THINKS WE'RE COOL!"

Did you get your fist snow yet? Are you as obsessed as I am or does it make you rage?


Monday, January 5, 2015

Smell Ya Later, 2014! You Were Cool.

Rather than setting resolutions during the new year, I like to just take a look back and see all the cool shit I did accomplish, as opposed to setting up goals before-hand and possibly setting my self up for some disappointment. So here we go, things that in 2014 that were awesome in no particular order:

First things first, bought our first condo. Biggest thing to happen all year, and it was a long time coming. Well worth the wait, this place is EVERYTHING. Not to mention it keeps on getting better. 

 Survived the worst winter EVER.

 Met Amy Sedaris and she told me I dress like a deaf person. I also had her sign my fishs eddy hand that I have a huge collection of by now.

Did TWO Bust Magazine Craftaculars, both fun and productive. This most recent one I was more seasoned and probably had more fun because I was waaay less stressed, and I also had Rhiannon with me to keep me company.

Two new tattoos. And my first big arm one. I'm such a  tough guy. harharhar.

Explored some favorite quirks of my new town. 

Finally started making t-shirts for my etsy shop.

Had a great weekend meeting up with Sammi and Krstina and talk about all the blogger things. So awesome!

 Definitely last but not least, we spent our first Christmas and New Years here. Oh so sentimental.
I don't think this photo has seen the blog world yet, but I made Mike take a photo of me holding an eggplant (that was going to be out eggplant parm dinner) and I posted it to my instagram with the caption "The Christmas Spell has gone terribly wrong and I accidentally turned Mike into an eggplant. Merry Christmas from us none-the-less" I smell next year's Christmas card. 

Anywho, thanks for being a reader of my blog this past crazy year. And I'll be posting more like a normal person soon, promise. It's my first full week back at work since December 22nd. How do I even start?!