Thursday, January 29, 2015

Studio Dweller

Perfect skirt length achieved! Though I get kinda nuts when my skirt length is significantly longer than my coat in the winter. It's better than my skirt riding all the way up giving the people of Hoboken a free show while I stomp to the post office. So I'll take it.

If you notice a little silver dash in the skirt, placed there because I read that the metal helps get rid of static cling. I think it's working? Anyone know of any tips on getting rid of pesky static?

I now own two pieces of jewelry that say bitch on them and I am very pleased with that decision.

Another recent drawing. It has all my favorite things to draw in it: Venus symbol, hand and an eye! I think I might actually make it into a painting, something I haven't done in forever. Weekend project perhaps.


Skirt// Modcloth  Top// H&M  Ring// Leroy's Place  Necklace// C Wonder  Shoes// Indigo


Sierra Rose said...

fun post :)

Colleen said...

I need that bitch ring! That skirt really is the perfect length on you


Gawly Gee said...

Cute outfit! I too have a weird thing about skirt and coat length. I love how your photos are in this corner of your room! It works so well and looks so natural by the door. Sometimes I'm a little stiff when taking photos.

Leah Lucci said...

A bit o' upskirt might be the best thing that happens to anyone in Hoboken today. HOBOKEN BURN.

But seriously, I actually own three different coats of different colors and lengths so I don't run into that problem. Neuroses.

I've heard that you can take fabric sheets and run them over something static-y to diminish the static. I'm not sure if that's science, but pull a Tesla and try it out and let us know. :)

Jen Venegas said...

for static - i usually will just rub lotion *onto* my tights or undies & legs (if i'm sans tights). it works every time. static is built up because of the dry air so if you moisturize, it helps. :)

Kelsey said...

That skirt is so comfy looking! And I love the way your hair is growing out... Seriously! It looks great.

<3 Kelsey
Chaos Parade

Krista Clor said...

Perfect length indeed! The static thing annoys me most of the time.

Jess Buckley said...

ahh I am living for midi skirts, and it looks great on you! I need to invest in a long coat for sure! love the bitch ring as well :)

Nicole said...

Static guard, we use a ton on m spouses law enforcement uniform.

Kerri said...

Usually skirts are slightly too long for me, I like to buy my skirts secondhand and hem them, that way I get to choose the perfect length :)