Friday, February 27, 2015

This Dress is Blue

 Isn't this dress such a lovely shade of gold? Just kidding. I think the whole "what color is this dress" thing is hilarious and really interesting. Snarky people gonna snark, I think it's fascinating that a photo can be totally different colors to different people. It's basically people whose retinas are higher functioning in dim lighting see black and blue, and those whose retinas aren't so great in dim lighting see white and gold. I THINK THAT'S COOL! Shoot me.

 Anyway, Firmoo was kind enough to send me these new specs... I've been meaning to get me some tortoise shell glasses, being as my collection was severely lacking in that dep't. Even though my retinas are considered high functioning (cause I see a black and blue dress) I still need these suckers for distance. Good timing!
Happy Weekend!


Dress// Free People  Pin// Explorer's Press  Glasses// c/o Firmoo  Shoes// Vintage via Mom

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Damn Fine

 It's Twin Peaks day, February 24th! For those who have no idea what I'm blabbing about, today is the day the pilot of the best show ever, Twin Peaks, takes place. So it's also a day for nerds like me to celebrate everything about the show. The seater is a Christmas gift, and check out these earrings...

I got theeeee most awesome earrings ever from Leroy's Place at the last BUST Craftacualr I was at. One is a drawing of David lynch, the other is Laura Palmer.

Also to celebrate today I'm having a coupon code over in my shop for 15% off! I have some new Twin Peaks themed stuff available too! Use the code FILLEDWITHSECRETS at checkout for dat discount.


Sweatshirt// Tee Fury  Earrings// Leroy's Place  Skirt// H&M  Shoes// Modcloth (sold out)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nerd Shoes

Hi! I love a good basic outfit like this. Easy peasy. And I'm wearing what I call my nerd shoes cause, well, they are a tad nerdy. I mean, velcro, hello. Velcro on the shoes screams "I'm really a nun". But I like them at the same time. They have a bit of a heel which is nice.

One of my latest little drawings that I'll soon being sending over to get burned onto a silkscreen for the shop for shirts. I really like the simplicity of this one!
I was gonna leave this last picture out but I'm amused by the expression on my face. It's the face I make when I realize that I'm taking self portraits in my office and how silly that seems sometimes. Combined with an existential crisis, which I have like, on the daily. Anyway, happy friday or whatever!


Dress// Modcloth  Sweater// Target  Shoes// Thrifted  Watch// Go Jane Pin// Explorer's Press  Necklace// C Wonder

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fireworks in February

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to have a front row seat right in my bedroom to the Chinese New Year fireworks! At first it was super jarring to hear fireworks this time of year, but I quickly ran and grabbed my telephoto lens to snap some photos from my window. They look different in the winter somehow. Or maybe it's just the fact that it's winter is skewing my view on it.

 It's kinda funny seeing dead trees and feeling the cold wind and watching fireworks at the same time.  It's like hearing Christmas music in August. I had to open my window to take these photos and it is freeeeeezing here in the northeast. But it was a nice little treat to brighten up my evening.

NEW YORK CITYYYY! I sometimes yell that at my window. OK, that's all for now! I'll be here listening to Best Coast pretending that it's not 17 degrees.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Be My Unlucky Galentine

Today is Galentines Day and Friday the 13th and I don't know if I should eat some waffles or go get a spur of the moment tattoo. In reality, work is busy so I'll be here. HAH. I might do the tattoo thing soon though, because we have ANOTHER Friday the 13th next month! Booyah. Jokes on you, double made-up holiday.
And the heart tights have made a come back. Haven't worn them in quite  a while, they've missed me. This shirt dress actually used to be mom's and she didn't want it anymore. It's funny cause I've been looking for something just like it! I'm a lucky duck.

I found this pin in etsy, how cute is it!! I will never give up my love for vermin. IDGAF they're adorable.

Anyways, Happy Galentines, and/or Friday the 13th! I think I may have missed my perfect opportunity to throw a witch party. Dammit.


Dress// Acquired from Mom, from American Apparel Tights// Kensie  Brooch// Casa Girl  Shoes// Modcloth (sold outies) Glasses// Amazon

Monday, February 9, 2015

Help Me I'm Cold

I put this outfit together because I loved how it looked bundled up with all the layers and stuff. Not sure if it translates the best in these photos because daaaamn it was cold and I was not a happy camper. But then I guess I was possessed by Tyra Banks and modelled through it, at least for like 3 minutes.

I do have to say its nice having somewhat decent photos from an excursion like this and type up a post about it in my cozy dining room in my new Twin Peaks sweater, a belated xmas gift from Rhiannon. Which will totally get it's own post soon.
Other non-related news, I got myself a fancy coffee maker the other day with one of my many bed bath and beyond coupons (I have enough of those to wallpaper my entire apartment) and threw out my cheap Mr. Coffee which was more like the office space printer scene in my head than it was in real life but still. So I'm finally enjoying a gooooood cup of coffee which might explain my rambling-ness of this blog post.
In other other news, I'm staying inside forever. It's freezing rain right now, hooray!


Dress// Modcloth (sold out, similar)  Sweater// H&M  Shoes// White Mountain  Coat// Michael Kors  Scarf// Modcloth  Hat// Marc by Marc Jacobs  Gloves// Got them at a small boutique here in Hoboke, no label. Glasses// Jones New York

Friday, February 6, 2015

Photo Diary// Little Corners

I'm always moving trinkets around the house, creating some nice to look at in every little corner of the place.

I painted this skull at my old pottery shop job, and I got that book from my mom. It was on her bookshelf and I was looking at it cause I love witchy shit and she told me I could keep it.
My Nunzilla, kewpie, and a photo of me and Mike in Hoboken on our very first venture out house hunting.
My cozy reading nook! Perfect on snowy days like this one...

A little table in my bed room that I use to display candles and stuff. I garbage picked that Larousee book in Montreal.
The ever changing shelf in my studio. On the lower left hand corner you'll see the page in the latest issue of BUST magazine where a photo of my wares at their latest craft fair! My first print appearance, a proud, frame worthy, moment indeed.
Ever since we moved the router one room over, we are finally able to get wifi in the dining room/bedroom section of our place (until recently, we didn't because brick walls and wifi don't like each other very much) so I can finally get some work done at the dining room table for a change of scenery. My blogging nook if you will. This is the window I sit by.

Have a wonderful cozy weekend!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Sunny Day in Winter

I love how this dress looks like separate pieces, and I also don't. Mainly because I love the top so much I keep on thinking of ways I could style it with different bottoms. My life is a true struggle, you guys. I like the length, being as I'm trying out longer lengths these days. I also seem to be trying out half ponies.

I still think I prefer to wear my longer length dresses and skirts in non-coat seasons, I still can' stand a skirt thats way longer than a coat thats already at my knees. It makes me feel silllyyyy. In related news, winter sucks. Once new years is over, I'm over winter. And now that I'm a full on pedestrian, its super sucky. But I despised driving anyways so it' s a small trade off. I'm still quite lucky that every thing I need is in a 5 minute walk.

Today I'm going to finally get a start on my catalog layouts for the Modern Girl Blitz Shop! I need something to show wholesalers, cause I want to get into more brick and mortar stores, and I really want to make a catalog to show off how awesome my shit is. And that I'm you, know, a professional.


Dress// Modcloth  Shoes// White Mountain  Tights// Target  Earrings// Chelsea Market

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Jersey Sunset

I took some spur of the moment sunset iphone photos on our way to the city, by the path train. I love a good pink sunset! The skyline was just glowing, it was quite the dreamy view. 

Hope you're having an OK Monday, today I'm taking it kind of easy, doing some much need things around the house. Nice and quiet day for me, an impromptu snow day of you will. It like, sucks out there right now. Stay inside!