Monday, March 30, 2015

Rain, Rain

Gaaah it's so gloom and doom out there. However I was so thrilled to finally break out my favorite shorts for the first time in months. Denim shorts never seem to fit me too well, and these are a very soft cotton blend, which are much more comfortable for me.
I keep on breaking out my Spring jackets and like regretting it deeply. It's still a touch too cold for them, but I'm just getting so anxious. I have one of those winter parkas (that'll never make and appearance on here, it's bad) that I ceremoniously shoved into the back of my closet the first day it hit over 50 degrees. But I keep on finding days where I need it. Womp womp womp.

New backpack! It actually is one of those convertibles, so it can be a shoulder bag, and even a messenger bag. I like backpacks the best though. I've been looking for one like this for a couple of months, so when I found it I snagged it right up. And some denim shorts, which I returned. Ha!


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Friday, March 27, 2015

New in the Shop // Buttons!

So I'm currently in the process of giving a lot of my button designs a facelift, along with adding some new designs! I'll be adding these next week and putting what's left of their older versions on sale for half off, as a little spring cleaning sale. Here's a lil preview for ya!

 The "whatever" design is a new one, but it's my favorite. I love the contrast of pink and black. I actually had "make more things with pink and black" on my checklist. The pink one with the gold star is a new one too, and it's limited edition! It's made with an actual gold star sticker and the lines are hand drawn.
The main reason I re-did these designs is that I'm started to shy away from regular fonts to use for my designs. I think making the text look exactly how I want by just hand drawing it myself works so much better for me.

I've also listed two new brooches and pink tote bags. Woooo!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo Diary // Quirky Hoboken

So I have to admit I thought of this theme for this photo diary after the fact, however I think I got some good shots considering! I gotta head out again soon with the same theme in mind to see what i find. This red and blue awning is one of my favorites. It's metal! You don't see that too often. 
Ever since moving here I've developed an interest in charming architecture details. It's become the new thing I point out on the street to people I'm with, like "Oooh that person has stained glass bay windows!" or "Look they painted their fire escape purple!" Yeah. 

I'm guessing this was a bird feeder, though it looks like it hasn't really fed too many birds just yet. i just thought it was so funny when I saw a bagle hanging from a tree. BUT one good thing about this photo is look...buds are forming on the trees! IT'S ALMOST ACTUALLY HAPPENING. SPRING.
I think that last "N" is backwards. Womp womp.
8 bit graffiti art! This looks like it's been there for quite some time but I loooove finding this stuff none-the-less. 
This was taken a bit back when all the snow was still here (smell ya later snow) but I still wanted to share. Dolphins still doin their thang in harsh winter weather. You go dolphins.
When ever I see these colorful brownstones next to each other I'm reminded of the intro to"Bob's Burgers". If they didn't live by the boardwalk I would totally say that show takes place here in Hoboken. But they're totally in Jersey, with Linda's accent and all.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Factory Girl

 Oh my god you guys I seriously had the best weekend ever in a long time. Friday evening I made a healthy dinner and put my PJ's on and hung out wit Mike and Netflix. Then around Midnight we weren't feeling tired so we got spiffed up and went down to a bar called the Turtle Club that slings out really good craft cocktails. I had the tastiest Manhattan I've had in a while!

Saturday was jam packed. We headed to all the way downtown Hoboken, mainly to check out this vintage and antique shop called The Frayed Knot. It used to be a horse stable, so it's fairly big, and the do a lot of refurnishing of old furniture and other bigger pieces. I saw a parking meter that was made int a really rad floor lamp. Needless to say, new favorite store here in town. The store is just amazing, and if you're in this area you need to check it out. I bought some old weird things, which is what I do best. If you follow me on instagram , you'll know that I picked up the weirdest of all the weird objects you can possibly find in an antique store.
After the store we took (these) outfit photos, because there's so many cool looking old industrial buildings that make for such good backdrops. I especially love this old factory building. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner uptown shortly after (TRUFFLE FRIES) and then headed to NYC to see some friends and stayed out too late (good thing in my book).

Sunday we got lunch with Mike's folks in Jersey City. We passed Iris Records, which I've always wanted to go in and so we did, and my god that's one of the better record stores I've been in in a while. I swear, two new favorite shops in one weekend? Booooyah. Can't beat that. This store had a Twee AND a Riot Grrrl section! Seriously, they had everything imaginable under the sun. I of course stuck to the punk and indie section, leaving with Machine Gun Etiquette by the Damned and There is No Enemy by Built to Spill. I love getting some old favorite albums on vinyl. The Damned was probably the first punk band I really got into. They are so good. Also, they guy working there wasn't snotty. Bonus points.
I remember finding this building over a year ago on one of out house hunts and snapping some photos cause I thought it was cool. Pretty sure it's in one of my photo diary entries from early 2014.

Saturday was still kinda winter weather, but I could wear my lighter of all my winter coats which also happens to be my favorite. I also have a new found obsession with ringer tees. I have no idea why.

How was your weekend?


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Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Teenage Room

Yesterday I was browsing through old photos that I have burned on some CDs and I came across these gems. Photos of my teenage bedroom. I feel like this room was it's own entity. Whenever I had friends over for the first time I would sort of warn them, and then they would be left in some sort of angsty weirdo awe of it all. I had friends bring over other people specifically to hang out on here. It was THE room, it was infamous. And I embraced the hell out of that once I realized how much my craziness was appreciated. Because this was just how I liked my room to look, before I realized it was uh, nuts. My friends loved to find different things on the wall they haven't noticed yet, kinda like one of those I Spy books. I also can't tell you how patient my parents were with this crap. My mom would just close the door, hah! And now with out further ado, I'm opening this dusty and angry and cluttered baby punk vault that are the photos of my teenage bedroom...

Caution tape was my go to item in decorating at this time. My mom bought me rolls of it at Home Depot.
That's me, probably dancing to Hole, because I think I remember that day. And my pet fish.
I have such conflicting feelings of "oh my god how did I sleep in there" to "this is why I'm mad Rookie mag wasn't a thing when I was a teen" and "this is so amazing and beautiful and gross and I want it back"(maybe for just a day).  But I am SO GLAD I documented this, for real. This room was fucking magical.
I sewed! I was productive! I liked resizing giant band t-shirts into skimpy dresses for me and my friends, haha.
That little white purse in the upper right hand corner I thrifted, and when ever I went to show I would have band members sign the inside flap. I have NO IDEA where it is now, I just hope it's still at my folks place somewhere...

 Ugh I loved that vest. It had a giant tweety bird on the back so I covered it with that awesome X-ray Spex patch. But I really loved the black velvet collar!
Edit: Yes, that's a photo of the window, under the window. My poor father. He renovated the whole upstairs for us kids. That's what it looked like when I was like, 2.
 In 2011, I think, was when it got a complete over-hall. Posters down, painted a mint green and new carpet, and it's the same room you see in my old outfit photos when from I lived at home. Now it's my mom's own little yoga studio.
One thing I find amusing and somewhat comforting about finding these is honestly, not much has changed. I still have some of this stuff in my apartment today. I mean obviously, I no longer draw and spray paint my walls and floor (I drew on the FLOOR) that are otherwise covered with magazine clippings and my angry artwork (again, kudos to tolerant mom and dad), and I'm definitely more into dusting and de-cluttering these days, but I did keep a lot of this stuff. Because I still like it. I have the grape lights up in my office, along with that yellow Smashing Pumpkins poster. And I have that Ramones lunch box on the shelf in my bedroom.  I still collect creepy dolls things, I still love a lot of the same weird things. I just wish I knew what happened my my Evil Dead dvd case that look like a zombie face and it yelled when you poked it. And I am NOT afraid to admit that I still listen to Alkaline Trio!!

This kinda feeling came up when I was decorating a space of my own now a decade later and I see myself going back to wanting to display lots of conversation pieces and to make my home a place where people can take a gander at some cool stuff and have a cool discussion about it. It's kinda what makes me happy, is arranging and decorating with my own unique interests and sensibility. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into what was basically my own little world in high school, and that these photos didn't give you a headache.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bye Bye Winter Coat

 Ok, winter is only for 3 more days and today I wore my Spring jacket yesterday for the first time. I've had this jacket for like 10 years. Think it might be time for a new one, eh?

I've realized this looks very fall like after the fact. I just really like fall-ish colors and patterns. IE mustard, olive, and plaid. I think the blue in the dress brighten it up to make it more springy, though! Maybe the next spring jacket I get should be in a bright color, switch things up a bit.

I'm also really happy to no longer be wearing my winter boots! I wanna throw those things in a fire. Or rather I'll just clean them up and maybe get the heel reinforced for next winter, because I'm more reasonable than that. But man am I happy to be wearing regular shoes again. With a heel!

Hopefully soon we'll see some flowers on those trees behind me. The Empire State Building is in clear view from where I am in these photos, making it hard to forget how ridiculous it is that I'm in New Jersey, but I can see all of Manhattan island in one look.

From my apartment window, you can only see the Empire State Building in the fall/winter when there's no leaves or flowers on any of the trees in front of it. But once those flowers and leaves start growing, they completely obstruct the view. I kinda like it this way, it's like that building is my version of "winter lights". I think in the years to come it'll also give me something to brighten up the cold and gloomy winter days and nights. And in the spring and summer, I'm on the other side of the window anyway, and I can see Manhattan if I want in a five minute walk.

And hey, how do you like the new layout? I thought I'd go for something a bit more minimal and clean.  I'm liking it's simplicity.


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Friday, March 13, 2015

That's my Jam // Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret

So, I'm a huge music fan. It plays a really big role in my life and I love collecting vinyl. I'm constantly listening to music, so I thought that's a good enough reason to talk about it more here on the blog, no? I thought I'd talk about my favorite albums, new and old. This one is Keep It Like a Secret by Built to Spill (1999). God the late 90's had the best music...

I've loved Built to Spill for about 5 or 6 years now, but for the life of me I don't understand how I ket on forgetting to get this album. Actually, I do. How I got into this band is how a lot of people in the early 2000's did was that my friend burned me a bunch of their cds for me. Just randomly, though, it was just like "Here, I think they're cool, you'll most likely agree" kinda thing. But for some reason this album wasn't included and I just never got around to getting it, even though I love everything else they've done.

The album is such a god mix of high energy and that weird spacey sound that Built to Spill is kinda known for. This album does such an awesome job of combining of the fast punk sound and the weird slow and echoey guitar sound that I think it's quickly become my favorite over the other album I've been listening to for years.

But with out a doubt my favorite thing about buying vinyl is the artwork. Nothing beats getting to hold a hard copy and admire the design work in this large format. I'm in love with with collage work on this album, and all the colors. My favorite might be the fairy wings.

Vinyl is my favorite thing to collect, which makes is even more mind-boggling as to why I haven't really blogged about it too much. I also love a good excuse to photograph spinning records. It's fun!

I love finding out interesting tidbits about my favorite albums, thought I'd share one I recently I found out about this one in the song "You Were Right".  They take a bunch of famous song lines and chant them after saying "you were wrong", putting a bit of a pessimistic twist on some of the famous lines. I'm more of a glass half full kinda gal but I can still appreciate all the references they managed to squeeze into one song. Here's the list (via Wikipedia):

Cool, huh?
Favorite tracks: Sidewalk + Center of the Universe. I like fast and catchy.

Meh track: Carry the Zero. A little slow and whiney for my taste, but not terrible.

Hope you liked this new thing I'm doing! I'll try and do more of them.