Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plaid and Cats

This plaid shirt is yet ANOTHER thing I salvaged from my parents house. I just keep on finding more and more stuff there. I was scrolling through my blog archive and was thinking that I don't play around with layering enough anymore so, todays outfit, taadaa! I really like how the plaid looks under a dress. For some reason I've been really wanting to buy all the button downs. Did I mention I saw Sleater Kinney this past Friday? It was awesome. Duh. Also, Carrie Brownstien fuckin rocks button down shirts like no one's bizness. So now, I feel like the girl from Mean Girls that saw Regina George wearing camo pants and flip flops.  Ha.
You guys, this is my "cool teacher" pose. Say no to drugs.

I've been re-vamping a lot of my existing designs lately. Mainly my buttons. I like the text to have more of a hand drawn feel, so I was experimenting a bit with my body positive designs. I like them sooo much better! Will be updating a few things soon.


Dress// H&M  Top// F21 (similar) Socks// Bella  Shoes// Blowfish Necklace// Hello Holiday