Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo Diary // Right in my Backyard

It's finally time to ENJOY being outside again. I never realized how much walking everywhere and always being outdoors when I need to do stuff would effect me so much but it has. So when the weather is beautiful, I'm in a beautiful mood.  
So I want to do more walking around snapping photos of things outside my door. 
The pretty mosaic floor in my vestibule.
I'm so happy it's spring and I can't stop photographing the pretty flowers on the trees in my neighborhood. I've actually just decided I'm going to start a fire escape garden, once I figure out what legal with that sort of thing. I have some flowers on my window sill right now though that I got today. I'm pumped!
Hey, look at this peeling super creepy mural of Frank Sinatra. Looks like he needs some dental work. The one below is way better, but they're on the same wall.
Because he's from Hoboken, Sinatra's likeness is all over town. By the Hoboken Historical Museum, there's a bunch of almost life size cut-outs of him, and I like to joke that they come to life at night.

Pretty, pretty.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Favorite Print

I love red and white together but I so rarely wear it. It's finally skirt-without-tights weather here, though, these were taken last week. I remember an old dress I had in college that was in this print and I loooved it so much. It was basically my "spring is here!!" dress. So this print always has happy connotations for me. It reminds me of walking around the city on a sunny 70 degree day and having lunch in parks.

I spent the weekend away in Northampton MA with some family. More on that soon with some photos!


Top// Thrifted  Skirt// Modcloth  Shoes// Doc Martens  Button// Vintage

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rat Queen

 Today I'm debuting a new line of shirts in the Modern Girl Blitz shop! This Rat Queen shirt is one of them, you may have seen this drawing on the blog a few months back, and it's finally a shirt. Me and apparently a lot of other people think rats are the coolest and I really wanted to make a shirt that celebrates them in a cute way. So instead of Rat King we got a Rat Queen! The shirt I'm wearing here is the women's fitted in white, but I also have a version in black which come in all unisex sizes. Hooray!

It's so funny to see my drawing next to the ultimate finished product. Literally from start to finish! I'm a proud t-shirt momma.
Definitely the best part about being my own model for my shop is that I can keep all the shirts I photograph, which rules because I really do love and would wear everything I sell. Kinda my M.O.


Shirt// Modern Girl Blitz  Skirt// Modcloth  Shoes// Blowfish via Modcloth

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photo Diary// Pretending It's Summer

I mentioned briefly that I spent last week in Montauk with my mom. It was some nice quality time and peaceful escape. That place is so quiet off season! We stayed at a place that had an indoor pool with enormous windows that overlooked the ocean, making you feel like you were on the beach. It was sooo nice. And because it's off season, we got a room upgrade with an ocean view. It was so awesome we plan on going there every Spring from now on.
We had this one magical day (Wednesday) where the weather felt like summer so instead of sitting by the pool, we found a nice spot on the patio with some lounge chairs with a great ocean view, and a kitty! We creatively named it Beach Kitty. He/She was so friendly and hung out with us underneath a lounge chair for most of the day. I actually got a sunburn! In April! On Long Island!

A failed selfie, but I still like the colors.
Right outside the door to our room was a wall covered in ivy which is one of the prettiest things in the world to me.

Mom wanted to take a walk on the beach and look for pretty rocks.
I found this. I love things with gold tones.

Documenting my fresh sunburn. Haaaa we're idiots. Seriously, would it cross your mind to bring sunblock to the beach in April on the east coast? It didn't cross mine.

Oh yeah, and happy earth day! I feel like this was serendipitously an appropriate post.


Monday, April 20, 2015

My Stuff// Favorite Buttons

I've been an avid button collector since forever. And now being as making buttons is part of my livelihood, I love collecting them now more than ever, now that I have a much greater appreciation for what makes a good button design. I just think buttons are the perfect little thing to collect that you can also wear. It's like t-shirts, but smaller and cheaper. They say what you think, or what your aesthetic is in a glance, and you can curate little clusters of them on your bag or what have you. I dunno, I just always though buttons are the most fun thing ever. And I'm still looking for my Alkaline Trio one with the severed hands on it, dammit... #lostforever.
From left to right: Badge Bomb, old, Say Hello Studios, Cakeeter, Say Hello Studios, made it myself, Poketo, vintage, Adam JK.
Left to right: Vintage, came with a zine I ordered, and old. 
Left to right: vintage, Say Hello Studios, found it on the ground (I do that sometimes),  from the renegade fair, from my shop, old, also old, gift from my parents (haha), and Fred Perry.

I know those source lists are gonna mostly useless but I felt the need to put them down anyways!

Things have been slow here in blog world, mainly because things in my real world have been super busy and fast. This past week I was actually on a mini vacation in Montauk with my Mom, which was much needed and very relaxing. More on that later!

I also did Bust's second annual Primped Craftacular yesterday, which was the day after I got back from Montauk so it was a big contrast to be on the beach and then suddenly being home, busy getting last minute things done for the fair.  (I know, my life is so hard). But the fair was a success, despite the L train not working. I met lots of lovely people and had some great conversations. My favorite thing about the fair by far is meeting the people who like my things IRL, and to see actual reactions to my stuff. In person events are my favorite thing ever, and I need to do them more often. Thank you for everyone who stopped by!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Hey Chambray

It's a dead giveaway that Mike took this photos for me because I have to make a stupid face in at least one of them. I don't know why, I just feel compelled to be a goofball when other people take photos of me.

I've had this vintage label pin forever. It was on a jacket I haven't worn in a while and forgot about it, and I just re-discovered that I owned such a glorious thing! Love when that happens.

I feel like I have so many blue dresses. I don't know if I would consider blue my favorite color, but my closet is stuffed with blue dresses. I just gravitate towards them. Go figure!


Dress// Modcloth  Sweater// Modcloth  Pin// Vintage  Boots// Vintage  Sunglasses// Betseyville Belt// From another dress

Photos by Mike

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Black + Grey

Usually, if my outfit photos are in my office, then it's a busy busy BUSY day. I've kind of had a busy entire week. I'm doing the Bust Primped Craftacular next Sunday the 19th (at the Brooklyn Bazaar!) so I'm prepping for that, on top of a bunch of orders. I'm gonna be out of my office this coming week, so I need to get it all done in the next couple of days. So, needless to say, I'm using every possible waking minute to get stuff done. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though! But I have to admit I am quite fried. Hey, it's a good thing.
 I love how details the design on this shirt is. Even if you're not a Poe fan, you can appreciate all the things going on in it. I haven't read anything by him in a while, but I can dig it.

 I have also fallen weak to the midi ring trend. I thought about getting some for a while and when I saw these I decided to give them a try. I felt like they would be uncomfortable, but they're not at all, and I love how they look!

Oh, and more silly socks. These ones have mopeds on them!


Shirt// c/o Tee Fury  Skirt + Belt// Modcloth  Rings// Old Navy Socks// Target  Shoes// Modcloth (sold out, similar here)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo Diary// View from the Pier

 Last week I decided I would take my zoom lens out to the pier, I was really curious to see how close I could get to the buildings in NYC. Turns out, pretty damn close! I love that I was able to get the art deco detail on the top of the ESB.
 Pier 13 is the one I frequent here in Hoboken. Soon when it's a bit warmer it'll open up again with the food trucks and a bar, with seats on astroturf right by the water. I can't waaaaaaait.

 The Met Life Tower (above) is one of my favorite NYC buildings. I love the top detail and the clock, and the way the windows up top are situated. I think it's such a pretty building.

Not sure what the purpose of this boat is for, but I reminds me that I have yet to try out the ferry as a mode of transportation into the city. It only takes like 8 minutes, and obviously, no traffic. I should give it a shot soon.

I'm having a very busy and productive start of my week so far! Apologies for not being too talkative, haha. I hope your Monday is going well too :)