Thursday, April 9, 2015

Black + Grey

Usually, if my outfit photos are in my office, then it's a busy busy BUSY day. I've kind of had a busy entire week. I'm doing the Bust Primped Craftacular next Sunday the 19th (at the Brooklyn Bazaar!) so I'm prepping for that, on top of a bunch of orders. I'm gonna be out of my office this coming week, so I need to get it all done in the next couple of days. So, needless to say, I'm using every possible waking minute to get stuff done. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though! But I have to admit I am quite fried. Hey, it's a good thing.
 I love how details the design on this shirt is. Even if you're not a Poe fan, you can appreciate all the things going on in it. I haven't read anything by him in a while, but I can dig it.

 I have also fallen weak to the midi ring trend. I thought about getting some for a while and when I saw these I decided to give them a try. I felt like they would be uncomfortable, but they're not at all, and I love how they look!

Oh, and more silly socks. These ones have mopeds on them!


Shirt// c/o Tee Fury  Skirt + Belt// Modcloth  Rings// Old Navy Socks// Target  Shoes// Modcloth (sold out, similar here)


Rebecca said...

Wicked t-shirt!

Mindi Wooley said...

You seriously have the prettiest hair EVER and I love your style so much :) :)

Midge Blitz said...

thank you!

Midge Blitz said...

thank you so much, Mindi! :)

Lanterne Bleue said...


Meagan Crowe said...

I love that shirt! I feel like TeeFury has taken over my t-shirt drawer lately.