Monday, April 20, 2015

My Stuff// Favorite Buttons

I've been an avid button collector since forever. And now being as making buttons is part of my livelihood, I love collecting them now more than ever, now that I have a much greater appreciation for what makes a good button design. I just think buttons are the perfect little thing to collect that you can also wear. It's like t-shirts, but smaller and cheaper. They say what you think, or what your aesthetic is in a glance, and you can curate little clusters of them on your bag or what have you. I dunno, I just always though buttons are the most fun thing ever. And I'm still looking for my Alkaline Trio one with the severed hands on it, dammit... #lostforever.
From left to right: Badge Bomb, old, Say Hello Studios, Cakeeter, Say Hello Studios, made it myself, Poketo, vintage, Adam JK.
Left to right: Vintage, came with a zine I ordered, and old. 
Left to right: vintage, Say Hello Studios, found it on the ground (I do that sometimes),  from the renegade fair, from my shop, old, also old, gift from my parents (haha), and Fred Perry.

I know those source lists are gonna mostly useless but I felt the need to put them down anyways!

Things have been slow here in blog world, mainly because things in my real world have been super busy and fast. This past week I was actually on a mini vacation in Montauk with my Mom, which was much needed and very relaxing. More on that later!

I also did Bust's second annual Primped Craftacular yesterday, which was the day after I got back from Montauk so it was a big contrast to be on the beach and then suddenly being home, busy getting last minute things done for the fair.  (I know, my life is so hard). But the fair was a success, despite the L train not working. I met lots of lovely people and had some great conversations. My favorite thing about the fair by far is meeting the people who like my things IRL, and to see actual reactions to my stuff. In person events are my favorite thing ever, and I need to do them more often. Thank you for everyone who stopped by!



Lemon Freckles said...

I love buttons and this is a pretty awesome collection! I love collecting lots of things really, there is something really satisfying about a good collection. This may be one of the reasons i'm turning out to be a bit of a hoarder. I think my favourite button would be 'please ask me what my tattoos "mean"'. Made me giggle. x

Princess Wormmm said...

Thank you for sharing your collection. I love buttons too but I seem to have just cute ones. I've been looking for buttons with texts in them so this post was inspiring!
"Tits make milk" was my favourite (: it's such an exciting fact too! (;

Betsy said...

"Tits make milk" was my favorite as well!