Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photo Diary// Pretending It's Summer

I mentioned briefly that I spent last week in Montauk with my mom. It was some nice quality time and peaceful escape. That place is so quiet off season! We stayed at a place that had an indoor pool with enormous windows that overlooked the ocean, making you feel like you were on the beach. It was sooo nice. And because it's off season, we got a room upgrade with an ocean view. It was so awesome we plan on going there every Spring from now on.
We had this one magical day (Wednesday) where the weather felt like summer so instead of sitting by the pool, we found a nice spot on the patio with some lounge chairs with a great ocean view, and a kitty! We creatively named it Beach Kitty. He/She was so friendly and hung out with us underneath a lounge chair for most of the day. I actually got a sunburn! In April! On Long Island!

A failed selfie, but I still like the colors.
Right outside the door to our room was a wall covered in ivy which is one of the prettiest things in the world to me.

Mom wanted to take a walk on the beach and look for pretty rocks.
I found this. I love things with gold tones.

Documenting my fresh sunburn. Haaaa we're idiots. Seriously, would it cross your mind to bring sunblock to the beach in April on the east coast? It didn't cross mine.

Oh yeah, and happy earth day! I feel like this was serendipitously an appropriate post.



Brooke @ You're In Brookelynn said...

God this looks wonderful! Whenever I see photos like these, it made me wish I lived near a beach. I didn't see an ocean for the first time until I was like 18 years old, haha!

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