Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo Diary // Right in my Backyard

It's finally time to ENJOY being outside again. I never realized how much walking everywhere and always being outdoors when I need to do stuff would effect me so much but it has. So when the weather is beautiful, I'm in a beautiful mood.  
So I want to do more walking around snapping photos of things outside my door. 
The pretty mosaic floor in my vestibule.
I'm so happy it's spring and I can't stop photographing the pretty flowers on the trees in my neighborhood. I've actually just decided I'm going to start a fire escape garden, once I figure out what legal with that sort of thing. I have some flowers on my window sill right now though that I got today. I'm pumped!
Hey, look at this peeling super creepy mural of Frank Sinatra. Looks like he needs some dental work. The one below is way better, but they're on the same wall.
Because he's from Hoboken, Sinatra's likeness is all over town. By the Hoboken Historical Museum, there's a bunch of almost life size cut-outs of him, and I like to joke that they come to life at night.

Pretty, pretty.


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