Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo Diary// View from the Pier

 Last week I decided I would take my zoom lens out to the pier, I was really curious to see how close I could get to the buildings in NYC. Turns out, pretty damn close! I love that I was able to get the art deco detail on the top of the ESB.
 Pier 13 is the one I frequent here in Hoboken. Soon when it's a bit warmer it'll open up again with the food trucks and a bar, with seats on astroturf right by the water. I can't waaaaaaait.

 The Met Life Tower (above) is one of my favorite NYC buildings. I love the top detail and the clock, and the way the windows up top are situated. I think it's such a pretty building.

Not sure what the purpose of this boat is for, but I reminds me that I have yet to try out the ferry as a mode of transportation into the city. It only takes like 8 minutes, and obviously, no traffic. I should give it a shot soon.

I'm having a very busy and productive start of my week so far! Apologies for not being too talkative, haha. I hope your Monday is going well too :)


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