Friday, May 29, 2015


This skirt used to be a bit longer, but I've changed my mind on midi length skirts, and got it hemmed. I need something above the knee, doesn't have to be a mini, but I like to show more leg that I thought. I've noticed that walking everywhere really effects how you dress. I can wear some things anymore too much because they ride up too much. And when you have to walk a mile that day to get things done, thats so not ideal. So I'm kind on a never ending quest now for stylish stuff that I don't have to constantly tug at when I'm trying to go about my day. So it goes. But hey, this skirt is almost perfect.

 I did some subtle matching with my shoes to my shirt, they both have birdies on them!

How is it the weekend again already?! Gah.


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Josie Spicer said...

Your hair looks badass and you confirmed that the skirt looks even better hemmed. I had thought about shortening mine but didn't know how it would look. x

Remi said...

Those shoes are adorable! Super cute as always!

Allison said...

The new length on that skirt looks great on you! And your new hair color is just perfect.

Gawly Gee said...

Love the hair it looks great! I JUST got this skirt in and I agree that's a little long but I'm going to give it a shot. Also I can't sew so there's that. Yours looks great hemmed!