Friday, May 1, 2015

Turquoise + Pinstripes

This column structure is a favorite spot of mine. Not sure why it took me until now to shoot outfit photos here, it's kind of awesome. I love how grand it looks. I remember noticing it when where were looking at apartments, and quickly forgetting where it was (we looked at soooo many places all over town) and once we moved here I quickly found it. It's surrounded by a nice park, too. For one square mile, this town sure has a ton of parks.
The jacket I'm wearing on the left I've had a while, and used to be khaki colored. I really wanted a black jacket that was the same style, so I tried out using my front loading washing machine to dye it. It came out like a grey-ish, not exactly as dark as I wanted but hey.

Now that I think about it, pretty much everything Im wearing here is super old, especially those doc martens. Man, have those shoes seen some shit. I've had them for 12 years. I distinctly remember breaking them in while I was on a trip to Salem, MA with my parents to go to the Halloween parade there. I was also wearing my handmade Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas costume. It was a really good costume, by the way. My feet really hurt that trip. I have the image of them being all brand new and pristine burned into my brain, with the really bright yellow stitching, and being all excited for them to be all worn and rugged, which I have for sure accomplished.

On my way to the park I got a cup of coffee at Empire, one of the best coffee shops in Hoboken. You can smell the roasted beans from like a block away. If you've ever seen it, the outside of it is really charming, too.

 The worn up boots that are still serving my feet very well. When the apocalypse comes, there will just be cockroaches, Cher, and these boots left.


Jacket + Tunic// Target (both old similar here and here)  Cardigan// Abound  Skirt// H&M  Boots// Doc Marten  Pin// Essentials in Northampton, MA  Sunglasses// Modcloth (similar)

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