Friday, June 19, 2015

Gallery Wall Re-Do

  If you saw my most recent photo diary post, you saw my gallery wall in my studio to be a sad, sad sight. I had some extra time at the end of the day yesterday and gave it a much needed make over. I stare at this wall everyday while I work, so for me it's important to change it up every now and then. With cooool stuff.

I found that placing everything much higher than it was before really accentuates the high ceilings. The room looks way bigger now. It's amazing how much the stuff you put on a wall can really transform a space.

I took this photo myself in my hometown, I call it my Ghost World photo. I love it so much.

My "weirdo" letters kept on falling down when I held them up with tack, but now I'm using command poster strips on basically everything on this wall, except for the framed things. Makes a world of a difference. And I put the strips behind the part where the white lettering is, so they'e not visible.
Also I'd like to highlight the tin ceilings and this cool mod light that we replaced the ugly ceiling fan with. Yay!

Happy Friday!


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