Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chair Corner

I've changed my mind on what I want to do with the corner by the huge window in my office quite a few times now. At first I wanted a storage bench thingy, but then I decided to sort of do that with chairs (seen here). But it wasn't as cozy as I wanted it to be. I needed a spot in here to sit and read or draw a little. A tiny little retreat thats still in my workspace.
 And voila, my new little corner! Or reading nook. Or drawing chair. Whatever. I saved up and bought this canary yellow beauty. The "ottoman" is actually a cheap ikea side table with a pillow and blanket on top of it. Add a clear tray and I have my foot rest/table.

You can see a little preview of another thing I'm currently working on (I'm always working on at least two things at once) in the above shot. I'm drawing lots of bats. This chair is so perfect for me to curl up and draw in.
Hey look at me fake read this book! I'ver actually just started it, it's by the late great David Rakoff. Anyway, I think I'm finally happy with what will most likely be my permanent solution for this corner. It's making me really happy. The chair is from Dot & Bo and this ain't sponsored, it's just really cool.


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