Friday, July 10, 2015

Photo Diary// Home Bright Home

Phew, I've had an eventful week! I'm getting a lot done for work, which means I've been inside the apartment a lot this week. Locked myself in the office and worked non stop like a busy bee type of days. 
I like decorating using different fruit bowls. It adds a good amount of color to the room. Also it gets me to eat more fruit.
Office assistant/pigeon. Sometimes I'll be at home going about my day and all of a sudden I see a pigeon staring right at me on the window. I think it's awesome. Pigeons are cool.
I've been meaning to get into Charles Burns since forever, and I finally picked this up last weekend. I devoured this book in under a week, and now I need more! Do you have any favorite graphic novels?
We threw a little 4th of July BBQ in our building pool area, and I made these killer ginger margaritas. Unintentionally, they hit everyone like the Snake Juice did in that episode of Parks and Rec. They went down really easy, haha. We had a good time, everyones still alive. But these margaritas are soooo good. Maybe I'll share my recipe on here, even though recipes aren't normally a thing I do on here. It's by far my favorite drink.

Little snap shots of what's currently on my coffee table. The mirror coasters are new, from west elm. I love how classy they look. The hand dish was a gift.
I saw this article somewhere on how to keep flowers lasting longer, and the trick that worked for me the best is to put the vase in the fridge every night to keep them fresh. Makes total sense, right? These puppies are going on a week strong. I need to get my bang for my buck on those bodega bouquets!

Hope you have a wonderful summer weekend! Do something fuuuuun <3


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Nancy Wilde said...

lime and ginger = the most perfect combo ever!
everything looks so cozy and adorable, too much prettiness for me to handle in there :) xx