Monday, August 31, 2015


 Saturday was my 27th birthdaaaaaaay! I slacked, because usually (I think) I do my birthday posts on the actual day, but I was drawing a blank on what to shoot so I just didn't and relaxed all day. I threw a party that night, which I haven't done in a few years. Ya know, typical birthday party anxiety. But everything went perfect, all my buddies were in the same room, which was great. I'm a lucky gal to have the coolest group of friends. Also, I got things. And I love things. I'm not shy, presents are the fucking bomb.
It's kinda good I put off taking birthday photos until today cause all of my props are from my party. Various friends brought over balloons, the mask was a gift from buddies Ted And Deanna, and of course Rhiannon showed up with cupcakes, shaped like boobs as per my request. Which are always good, because her baking rules. You can check out the recipe for these little guys on her blog here.

It's funny, I've been looking for vintage Halloween masks to put on my wall for a good year now, so my surprise and excitement when I got one as a gift was pretty through the roof. It's now on a wall by my front door. Guard cat.

So not to make this post just about what I acquired, I do feel good about turing 27. New ages are like new adventures for me, and I love change and evolving into a more rad person. I've noticed a shift (a good one) in my personality in the past year, I feel more at ease and content with who I am. Confident? Yeah, that's the word. Not necessarily more "mature",  I like made a post about boob cakes, balloons, and cat faces. Maturity will most likely hit me when I finally decide to get adult braces, probs at like 30.


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