Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo Diary// At Work

Been an eventful week in the office! The middle of next week we are FINALLY taking a summer vacation, so it's good that my last full week before that is a busy one. That way I feel like I really earned the vacation. Or something. Anyway, lookie! I got some actual cards for packing my pins and jewelry and such! Finally gave up on using index cards, I am profesh.
Still my biggest seller. So excited to have it as a patch, now too!
I've really fallen in love with having a cozy chair nook in here. It's super beneficial for breaks and just to sit there and do stuff when I get sick of the desk. I do some of my best drawings in that chair. 
Hasty drawn out t-shirt ideas. I'm kinda diggin the eye design. Like a boob shirt..but eyes. This is how I run my never ending checklist. There's index cards taped to the wall and post its with ideas on them all around me. Hey, whatever works.

Little kitties waiting to be made into post earrings.  

Hope you have a bitchin' weekend! You earned it.


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