Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Photo Diary// Give Me a Sign

 I love old signage. It has so much more character than anything made nowadays. Thankfully, this area has no shortage of them. Even if what they are advertising is a long gone business, the signs usually remain, keeping the charm. This hand above is now on top of one of the douchey-est night clubs in the tri-state area. I can at least appreciate the fact that they kept the signs as a historical landmark, even if at any given moment on Friday and Saturday nights, you'll see bros yelling "YO, WHERES TONY?!"

These signs are in uptown Hoboken. One is above a convenience store and the other, the soda one, is above a Chinese restaurant.

Lots of these old signs are for ice cream, there three in this post. The one above in is Jersey City. 
 Not necessarily an old sign but certainly a place where you might be able to purchase one. This is an antique shop by me that's sadly closing. I got so many cool things there. There are two antique shops in Hoboken, this one, Mackey Blues, and The Frayed Knot. They're both closing/moving. What's a girl to do? There is still a vintage clothing store, though.
This is a closed store front. Looks like it's been closed for a lonnnnng time.

I love the old charm of my town, with the old brownstones and the retro signs, it really has a nice feel to it.

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