Friday, August 21, 2015

She Sells Seashells

I intended to photograph this outfit outdoors, most likely by the water, given the theme of the dress. This might be a little known fact: I'm a huge klutz. And it runs in the family, too.
So, I'm on my way out the door to take photos, cross the street, and FLOP. Midge, meet sidewalk. I trip over dust. I still have a scrape on my knee. I'm totally fine. But at the time I was totally defeated and went back upstairs, cleaned myself up and took my photos for the day in the safety of my own studio.
Good thing the light inside was great that day, right? And I'm kinda liking how the colors and print I'm wearing compliments the decor of my studio. So, it works out in the end.


Dress// Modcloth (old)  Scarf// Vintage  Shoes// Zigi Soho

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