Monday, August 10, 2015

T-shirt Photo Outtakes

I have some new shirts in the shop, which I'm thrilled about, and instead of posting the same old listing photos on here to tell you about them, that you've probably even already seen, I thought I'd post my silly outtakes from photographing them. I make some choice faces.

I mostly don't make this sorta face on purpose, but people have told me before that I'm very expressive in my face, and I'm always sporting an  un-readable spacey look. It's like resting bitch face but way worse. Wary weirdo face. So obviously it sneaks up in lots of my photos.
And of course this stuff is on purpose (thank god). If I know a photo is about to come out crappy I just make a stupid face. It's being silly like this that keeps me sane doing my job, all by my self.

Am I annoying enough yet? I'll spare you now. These are all available now in the shop in the apparel section! 


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