Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Devil's in Grand Central / Bonus Halloween Photos

I meant to have full outfit shots of my costume. I do almost every year, mean to, but then I get all caught up in having fun on Halloween and I forget. Though I think I had decent photos of my Laura Palmer costume last year. Anywho, at least there's selfies! The main attraction for the costume was my make-up anyway.
 Gotta say even though you can't see it, the ensemble was pretty good. All I had to buy were the horns and the boa. I had my red long sleeve dress, red tights, red patent leather maryjane heels. And for my commute to Connecticut I had my red sunglasses, red coat, and red purse. No tail, because I forgot last minute, though I had a good joke in my head if anyone asked where my tail was which was "it only comes out when I'm aroused" but nobody asked. Dirty joke chance missed.
 I'm actually digging the red eyebrows. I  might adopt it for a general party look.

And also, I couldn't resist. The night before Halloween I went back out and got some shots of the neighborhood all lit up. Halloween decorations in Hoboken, bonus round! Enjoy.


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