Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mermaid Parade Part 2

Here it is, the second installment of the Mermaid Parade photos! It was so great going through and editing all these. Definitely got my daily dose of color.
Up the mermaid punx!

I would see this guy in Chelsea all the time when I was in college. He used to have a poodle that was pink, but now he seems to have a little yorkie, and now a parrot. It would always brighten up my day when there would be a sighting, during a long school day. He would walk around FIT campus a lot.

The more dogs, the better. I love dogs. Dog dogs dogs.

The purple people were fun.

This couple looks like they were having a good time.
Yessss, flamingo lady!

 Poseidon says hi.

Welp, that's all my mermaid photos. Mermaid photo dump complete.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

WIP// Hand Panted Vintage Jewelry

I'm so excited to be working on some more hand painted vintage pieces for the shop. Here's what Ive been working on!

I'm really enjoying making these little trinkets. I love the juxtaposition (ooh big art school word) of hot pink and the bronze antiqued grittiness. There's something about opposites in everything I make that I really like. I dig the unexpected.

Boobs are a recurring theme in some of these pieces. Hot pink ones. And tear drops. I like oval shaped things?
I can't wait to find more unique pieces to embellish with weird things. The hunt is also part of then fun.

I'll post pictures of them when they're done, along with link to their listings so you can own one! Woohoo!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Mermaid Parade Part 1

Saturday was the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, and it was my first time attending. I seem to miss it every year, but this year I finally got the chance to head over and see some mermaids! I've only been to Coney Island one other time, and I should really go more often, considering how easy it is for me to get there.

When we first got there we couldn't see annnnyyyything because of the crowds, but we managed to find our way to the boardwalk and I got a great spot to take photos. I forget how much fun it is to photograph subjects other than myself in my outfit posts. I have a lot of fun doing it and I should find more opportunities to do it more often. Needless to say, I have a ton of photos so I'll be separating this in to parts. I dare you to not smile when looking through these photo of the wonderfully colorful and contagiously happy humans! I was smiling ear to ear the whole time I was there, it was so great.

Little Edie!!!

World's Oldest Mermaid.

Stayed tuned for more later in the week!