Thursday, July 30, 2015

New in the Shop// Cats + Bats!

It may be a little early for Halloween, for most people, but I couldn't resist debuting this bat character the minute I thought of it. I was just doodling animal faces for funsies, and this little guy just kinda fell onto the page naturally. I decided to give it glasses like the cat character has, and then I decided to actually re-vamp the cat completely. And here we are.
The pins took a little trial and error, I'm using a few new pens to illustrate them. But I found my groove. I'm trying out a few new techniques in the brooch/pin and jewelry dep't, no real reason why, but I like to keep learning new things with new methods and materials and stuff.
I have both brooches available now, along with their matching pocket mirrors! I'll be making stickers and buttons soon, too! If they do well, then maybe even some patches. Stay tuned!

Shop here! Cool Bat Brooch // Cool Cat Brooch // Cool Cat Mirror // Cool Bat Mirror


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Red lipstick was my first favorite makeup item. It was probably around sophomore year of high school when I first started dabbling, and I remember my mom loving the look on me. She was very encouraging of the retro look, which helped build up my fragile teenage self confidence. Red lips are such a bold look, even now where it's a more popular accessory. I still think it takes some guts to wear it, and I commend all that do!

I've also put some lipstick themed things in my shop on sale just for today. You can head over to the shop's home page here and see them pinned to the top in the "featured" section.

Happy National Lipstick day, babes! There's a "heat advisory" out today which means I'll probably be in my home office all day except for my post office trip, but I'll still have my red lips on :)


Friday, July 24, 2015

Yellow + Black

If it seems like I'm wearing these shoes non-stop, it's because I am. They are just so comfortable, (no horrid break-in process!) and go with everything.
Same with good basic black shorts, they go with everything I own. Easy. I'm been craving easiness in my outfits lately. And the top makes me happy, yellow is such a fun color. It's too short to tuck in, but also not a crop which isn't a top length I normally go for but I'm going for it. Another thing I've been into is putting pins on my shorts/skirts. I think it adds a fun twist as opposed to wearing them on a collar or bag.

Happy Friday!


Top// eShakti  Shorts// Modcloth (sold out, similar)   Shoes// Doc Marten  Glasses// c/o Firmoo  Pin// Tuesday Bassen

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You're Allowed to Say No

I've come onto a few situations in my personal life recently, which is why I made these little doodles I'm sharing today. I got a new Pentel brush pen and it's been ruling my life lately. I bought it last week when I was walking around my town and saw that an art supply store opened up right in my neighborhood.

I feel like sometimes the obligation to be polite trumps personal boundaries and comfort. Especially as women, we're told to be nice and smiley even when we're uncomfortable. Let me tell you, that is should not be the case. Trust your gut, and filter those creeps and weirdos outta your hair with a giant (literal or figurative) Hell No!

From just being alive on this earth I've experienced both sides of this spectrum, and the side where you trust your instincts and resist whatever is making ya feel weird is much better. Who cares what somebody you don't even like thinks, right? Also and of course, you also always do what is safe in any particular situation as well. But generally, if someone or something rubs you the wrong way, run.
Don't be afraid to nip it in the bud. I mean, if the magic 8 ball said so, then it must be true, right?


Monday, July 20, 2015

The Hat

Things you notice after taking photos: bra strap cameo and crooked back pack. So it goes! Early evening is my favorite time for photos. Dreamy light and it's not too hot. And I found this cute little garden area in a park by me.

So, I was never much of a hat person in non winter months, but I decided to give this one a whirl, and I'm pleasantly surprised! I like this hat a lot. I'm currently looking for a good bowler hat for fall. Officially a hat person! Yay, new things. Also, they cover up my roots. Not that I'm trying to fool anyone that this is my natural color anyway, but hey.

This light blue dress is such a cute and flirty look for summer that makes me happy. I got it right around when I first dyed my hair pink and it puts a nice pep in my step. It's sooo light and airy too, which is a must. 95 degrees yesterday, sheesh!


Dress// Modcloth  Shoes// Doc Marten  Hat// Modcloth  Backpack// Old  Belt// From another dress

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Look at what I Found// Divine's Belongings

So this past weekend at the Pacific Flea I had the find of the century. Whenever Mike and I go to a flea market he likes to scope out vintage (or not) Magic the Gathering cards. Vendors almost never have them, but he still looks,  just in case, but also causing me to shake my head at him every time. So, keeping to tradition, he asked a vendor that had old toys and baseball cards if he had any. He wasn't sure, and told Mike he can look through a box he had under his table that was filled with other types of trading cards (no dice). However, in said box filled with trading cards, I see a frame with Divine's face peeking out, so I asked to see it.

This guy had a little collection of Divine memorabilia, all from his estate was that actioned off in the late 80's. The man who was selling it found it all in an abandoned storage locker. So what I got off him was, the framed photo of Divine, that was signed to him by a mystery person, assuming that the signature belongs to the mystery person in the photo, a paper doll book, and a 45. Everything still had the tags from the auction house on them.

I found it kind of jarring and "Mommie Dearest"-esque that all the faces were cut out in the paper doll book, but then to quickly realize tht they were probably supposed to be like that, given the stand where you would fold the dolls over had a default Divine face. Ha.

Divine now guards my tiny hallway. I've been looking for something to hang in that spot. Needless to say this is perfection.
I still can't believe I own things that belonged to the one and only Harris Glenn Milstead. I do remember hearing somewhere his close friends called him Divi, so it's kinda cool that the photo is signed to "Divi". If anyone out there has any insight on who that mystery person is in the photo, I am all ears! I might email or call the action house to see if they have any record of it. Who knows!

File under reason number 1,000,000 as to why flea markets are my absolute favorite.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Ivy City

Oh, hello! I had quite the successful weekend. These photos were taken outside a flea market in Jersey City that we went to on Saturday. It was a teeny tiny little thing, in a kinda desolate area (Pacific Ave, if you're from around here. It's called Pacific Flea) but damn, they had some pretty good stuff! I found something that's one in a million, which I'll tell you allll about in a future post. IT'S GOOD. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what I'm talking about. But it deserves its own post.  And Mike got that silver chalice that I'm holding like a tool. Ha. We had good luck in general with finds this weekend, on Friday we found an old chest of drawers/writing desk combo, right outside our place being thrown out by one of our neighbors, and it's in pretty good shape considering. That's our third time in less than a year getting lucky with curb finds. It's kind of the culture here in this neighborhood,  people have "free" boxes full of stuff and a lot of really good furniture gets out out on the curb, mostly in the warmer months. But more on that later.

This here is my favorite summer look thus far. The skirt is very light and airy. And I just started to get into neutral lip shade, as opposed to my go to dark reds. I like busting out of style ruts and trying new things!


Top// AA via Amazon  Skirt// Brooklyn Industries  Shoes// Vans  Earrings// Old  Backpack// Old

Photos by Mike

Friday, July 10, 2015

Photo Diary// Home Bright Home

Phew, I've had an eventful week! I'm getting a lot done for work, which means I've been inside the apartment a lot this week. Locked myself in the office and worked non stop like a busy bee type of days. 
I like decorating using different fruit bowls. It adds a good amount of color to the room. Also it gets me to eat more fruit.
Office assistant/pigeon. Sometimes I'll be at home going about my day and all of a sudden I see a pigeon staring right at me on the window. I think it's awesome. Pigeons are cool.
I've been meaning to get into Charles Burns since forever, and I finally picked this up last weekend. I devoured this book in under a week, and now I need more! Do you have any favorite graphic novels?
We threw a little 4th of July BBQ in our building pool area, and I made these killer ginger margaritas. Unintentionally, they hit everyone like the Snake Juice did in that episode of Parks and Rec. They went down really easy, haha. We had a good time, everyones still alive. But these margaritas are soooo good. Maybe I'll share my recipe on here, even though recipes aren't normally a thing I do on here. It's by far my favorite drink.

Little snap shots of what's currently on my coffee table. The mirror coasters are new, from west elm. I love how classy they look. The hand dish was a gift.
I saw this article somewhere on how to keep flowers lasting longer, and the trick that worked for me the best is to put the vase in the fridge every night to keep them fresh. Makes total sense, right? These puppies are going on a week strong. I need to get my bang for my buck on those bodega bouquets!

Hope you have a wonderful summer weekend! Do something fuuuuun <3