Monday, August 31, 2015


 Saturday was my 27th birthdaaaaaaay! I slacked, because usually (I think) I do my birthday posts on the actual day, but I was drawing a blank on what to shoot so I just didn't and relaxed all day. I threw a party that night, which I haven't done in a few years. Ya know, typical birthday party anxiety. But everything went perfect, all my buddies were in the same room, which was great. I'm a lucky gal to have the coolest group of friends. Also, I got things. And I love things. I'm not shy, presents are the fucking bomb.
It's kinda good I put off taking birthday photos until today cause all of my props are from my party. Various friends brought over balloons, the mask was a gift from buddies Ted And Deanna, and of course Rhiannon showed up with cupcakes, shaped like boobs as per my request. Which are always good, because her baking rules. You can check out the recipe for these little guys on her blog here.

It's funny, I've been looking for vintage Halloween masks to put on my wall for a good year now, so my surprise and excitement when I got one as a gift was pretty through the roof. It's now on a wall by my front door. Guard cat.

So not to make this post just about what I acquired, I do feel good about turing 27. New ages are like new adventures for me, and I love change and evolving into a more rad person. I've noticed a shift (a good one) in my personality in the past year, I feel more at ease and content with who I am. Confident? Yeah, that's the word. Not necessarily more "mature",  I like made a post about boob cakes, balloons, and cat faces. Maturity will most likely hit me when I finally decide to get adult braces, probs at like 30.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

New in the Shop// More Pins!

I'm back from vacay, and before I share a multitude of pictures, I have these cool new brooches in the shop! The skull went through a lot of changes before I was happy with it, the hypnotized eyes was an idea that came last minute. I think they're rad as heck if I do say so myself. And I finally have black and white pieces with black backgrounds! Seems small, but it's something I've been meaning to master for a while. Feels good. Also, color options! Yay!

Feminist brooch can be found here and you can snag a skull here!

Friday, August 21, 2015

She Sells Seashells

I intended to photograph this outfit outdoors, most likely by the water, given the theme of the dress. This might be a little known fact: I'm a huge klutz. And it runs in the family, too.
So, I'm on my way out the door to take photos, cross the street, and FLOP. Midge, meet sidewalk. I trip over dust. I still have a scrape on my knee. I'm totally fine. But at the time I was totally defeated and went back upstairs, cleaned myself up and took my photos for the day in the safety of my own studio.
Good thing the light inside was great that day, right? And I'm kinda liking how the colors and print I'm wearing compliments the decor of my studio. So, it works out in the end.


Dress// Modcloth (old)  Scarf// Vintage  Shoes// Zigi Soho

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Photo Diary// Give Me a Sign

 I love old signage. It has so much more character than anything made nowadays. Thankfully, this area has no shortage of them. Even if what they are advertising is a long gone business, the signs usually remain, keeping the charm. This hand above is now on top of one of the douchey-est night clubs in the tri-state area. I can at least appreciate the fact that they kept the signs as a historical landmark, even if at any given moment on Friday and Saturday nights, you'll see bros yelling "YO, WHERES TONY?!"

These signs are in uptown Hoboken. One is above a convenience store and the other, the soda one, is above a Chinese restaurant.

Lots of these old signs are for ice cream, there three in this post. The one above in is Jersey City. 
 Not necessarily an old sign but certainly a place where you might be able to purchase one. This is an antique shop by me that's sadly closing. I got so many cool things there. There are two antique shops in Hoboken, this one, Mackey Blues, and The Frayed Knot. They're both closing/moving. What's a girl to do? There is still a vintage clothing store, though.
This is a closed store front. Looks like it's been closed for a lonnnnng time.

I love the old charm of my town, with the old brownstones and the retro signs, it really has a nice feel to it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I'm finally taking my summer vacation! Taking a good look at this room before I leave it for a week. I'm mainly making this post to let everyone know (mainly etsy shoppers) that I will be far away, unplugged, seeing some sights, and drinking during the day from tomorrow, Wednesday 19th to the 26th.
All orders placed within this timeline will be shipped when I get back, either on, or shortly after the 27th!
As far as this lil page, I have some posts already queued up automatically so you'll forget I'm even gone. And I'll return with lots of cool photos and tidbits of my trip (and the 11 hour train ride it takes to get there).



Monday, August 17, 2015

Lime + Stripes

So the issue with this dress is that the clasp on the side zipper has these rough edges on it, so it kinda scrapes at my armpit whenever I wear it. I love the striped pattern, so I thought a good solution was to tie a bright top over it, guarding my oh so delicate pit. And I'm always attracted to pairing black and white things with bright colors, it's kinda a fool proof combo.

I cannot tell you how many compliments I've gotten on this pin. It is pretty sweet.

Also, you can totally see the tripod in my glasses in the photo of my face. Whoops.


Dress// Pomelo  Shirt// Thrifted  Shoes// Docs  Purse// Kate Spade  Pin// Burrito Breath  Sunglasses// Old

Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo Diary// At Work

Been an eventful week in the office! The middle of next week we are FINALLY taking a summer vacation, so it's good that my last full week before that is a busy one. That way I feel like I really earned the vacation. Or something. Anyway, lookie! I got some actual cards for packing my pins and jewelry and such! Finally gave up on using index cards, I am profesh.
Still my biggest seller. So excited to have it as a patch, now too!
I've really fallen in love with having a cozy chair nook in here. It's super beneficial for breaks and just to sit there and do stuff when I get sick of the desk. I do some of my best drawings in that chair. 
Hasty drawn out t-shirt ideas. I'm kinda diggin the eye design. Like a boob shirt..but eyes. This is how I run my never ending checklist. There's index cards taped to the wall and post its with ideas on them all around me. Hey, whatever works.

Little kitties waiting to be made into post earrings.  

Hope you have a bitchin' weekend! You earned it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pockets Are For Everyone!

Pockets are always an issue for me, and probably for most people that wear the lady variety of pants and skirts. Pockets shouldn't have a gender, man, everyone has shit to carry! This skirt has super deep pockets, plus the ones on the side. So if I just need to make a quick errand and don't feel like bringing a bag, I don't need to. Finally. Oh yeah, and there are those shoes in a post again for like the fifth time. Sorry.
Mike said this outfit was more "granola girl" than usual. I'm fine with that. I've been feeling kinda granola/crunchy lately.


P.S. This town is way obsessed with Hoboken-ite Frank Sinatra. There's even a Sinatra Drive. What I wanna see is a Yo La Tengo Avenue, they're definitely my favorite people that hail from this square mile.

Top// American Eagle  Skirt// H&M  Shoes// Doc Marten  Backpack// Old

Photos by Mike

Monday, August 10, 2015

T-shirt Photo Outtakes

I have some new shirts in the shop, which I'm thrilled about, and instead of posting the same old listing photos on here to tell you about them, that you've probably even already seen, I thought I'd post my silly outtakes from photographing them. I make some choice faces.

I mostly don't make this sorta face on purpose, but people have told me before that I'm very expressive in my face, and I'm always sporting an  un-readable spacey look. It's like resting bitch face but way worse. Wary weirdo face. So obviously it sneaks up in lots of my photos.
And of course this stuff is on purpose (thank god). If I know a photo is about to come out crappy I just make a stupid face. It's being silly like this that keeps me sane doing my job, all by my self.

Am I annoying enough yet? I'll spare you now. These are all available now in the shop in the apparel section! 


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Photo Diary// Plant Problem

 Hey remember that time I tried to have a fire escape garden? Turns out, I suck at that. I kept on forgetting to water them, until everything was dead. I got stuff to do, ya know?

But fresh cut flowers and indoor plants, those I can handle. It might be an "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" issue, I dunno. Anyway, there's just something about having flowers and plants around the house that really brightens up the mood of a room. Whenever I get a bodega bouquet I like to split it up so I can have flowers in every room. I've also got a few new house plants, two are in my office. Sometimes when I'm having a slow or rough day at work, the plants cheer me up, somehow.

I got that blue vase at a garage sale, I love how tall it makes the flowers. I really like how my knick knacks look on my new-to-me drawing desk, that I *ahem* found for free on my curb. Garbage picking rules in this town, lemme tell you. The plant on my window sill my Aunt gave me from one of her house plants. I can't tell if it's gonna grow or not, I guess we'll see. I want it to get all long and vine-y, that would be cool.

 Our aloe plant has seen better days. Mike says it needs a new pot. It's on a slant. Poor aloe.
And of course, I'm fru fru enough to have them on the shelf above my bathroom sink. It's the little things, right?