Monday, May 23, 2016

Photo Diary// Color Therapy

Hi! So I've been really into super saturated colors lately. We also recently painted the living room a cranberry red, and I'm excited to share a few photos!

It has a bit of a more pinkish hue IRL, these look super red. I DIYed the key holder with some screw in hooks.

I still think my purple bedroom is my favorite room in the house.

We were so close to running out of paint when we did the living room, but I made sure this textured wall got the most coverage because its my favey fave.

I just planted these when I snapped this but now they're SPROUTING! I have a black thumb, so this is huuuuuuge for me. HUGE! Someone needs to stop me from becoming drunk with power and planting a bunch of more shit and then spiraling outta control, just because I managed to get a few sprouts that I'm way too excited about it.


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