Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gone Thrifting

My recent thrifty finds from my trip to Savers this past week. 

The Shoes // I saw these in a size 6 and was so disappointed that they squeezed by feet beyond oblivion, but behold they also had a pair in an 8! What are the odds at a thrift store? 
On Valentines Day I made a last minute liquor store trip wearing these shoes. I felt like hot shit, strutting in my retro barbie heels, picking up some booze.

Dress// This fits like a glove. It feels like it was made for me. I may wear it tomorrow on my date night in NYC with Mike. I love 90's floral mini dresses. Tight ones.

Top// I swear I've wanted a striped boat neck quarter length shirt ever since I saw Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted. And I finally got it.

Frame// I was actually just looking for some frames for the endless amounts of  prints I bought on my latest Etsy shopping frenzy, and I didn't really notice the image in the frame till I got home. I kinda love it so it's staying in there.


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Jazz said...

I concur, perfect shoes to pick up booze in.