Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastels and Zombie Jesus

Dress // Coincidence and Chance
Locket // Vintage via Grandma
Shoes // Thrifted

I'm the kind of person that will take any opportunity to dress up and grab it by the horns. I got this dress last summer to wear to my boyfriend's graduation party. I'm loving the marigold color, I'm obsessed with it. The pleats give this great girly flowey effect, and I love the color combination with the pastel pink of my shoes. 

So right now we're waiting for my brother to get here (late as usual) and we're heading upstate to my uncles house for Easter. And he's bringing London the doggy with him, I'm excited to see my furry nephew!

I think I just heard the door, which means the dog (and my brother) are here! I'm off to go eat peeps and drink white wine!



Bri said...

always so perfect. love this dress!
also i promise promise promise to mail off zines sometime this week. i've been in a very "can't get out of bed" mode lately :/

Modern Girl Blitz said...

no worries! hope you are feeling better grrr. good vibes sending yr way! <3

Samantha-Anne said...

I have so much envy over all of your outfits!

Jazz said...

That dress is fantastic, I love the shine it has. Pretty pretty.