Monday, April 30, 2012

School Grrrl Sass

Top// Thrifted
Skirt// Thrifted
Bag//my own
Shoes// Vintage via Mom

So, I know it's been some time sinse I've posted on here, my life has been pretty busy in the past week. This was actually my work outfit last Thursday ( I'm being such a slacker!). The new job is so far so good, I'm happy to be able to work on the city, as opposed to boring suburbia. I think this skirt must have belonged to somebody's catholic school uniform, it's made from that poly material that you only know if you've ever had to wear a god-awful uniform, which I did. But I think it fits amazingly.
My style posts may become a bit sporadic because I'm finally getting around to renovating my bedroom! 
My room is kind of it's own entity. I took out all my weird teen angst on my walls, and it's time for a redux. I even spray painted the walls, some with real spray paint, and when I was in middle school I sprayed the walls with the temporary spray hair dye you can get from party city. My ceiling had pennies, candy hearts, and pez dispensers glued to it. I was a strange kid.
I also have little drawings of tampons with angry faces scattered all over the room. Angst many other lovely illustrations. Again, strange kid. I covered most of it up with giant posters, ad you can probably see, and now everything is off the walls and it looks SO weird. 
I'm excited for a grown up room, now!

Stay tuned for updates <3

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