Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working Grrrl

Dress// Audrey
Shoes// BCBG

What I wore to my first day and my new jobby job!
I love it already, and I'm excited to go in tomorrow. I'm bringing some of my weirdo knick knacks for my desk area. 
Getting to decorating my work space in an office in Manhattan makes me feel so grown up. Except that the things I'm decorating it with include my ceramic sock monkey, glittery gel pens, and my nun-zilla wind up toy. You wind her up and she walks and shoots tiny sparks out of her mouth. Perfect for someone who endured nuns at catholic school as a child. She can whip me into shape when I'm slacking at work! I may position her on my desk so she's staring my straight in the eye.
These shoes are new, and I walked a lot today. I have tiny new shoes blisters. Time for a bubble bath!


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