Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My, My Mailbox 5/30

1 // Goodies from the fine people from Super Uterus
Received such a lovely package from these folks last week, after a sub-par day. So i put on a super uterus tee (not pictured) and danced around and then I was happy.

2 // Vicky from Say Hello Studios on esty
I ordered a bunch from Vicky, she has such cool art. Very minimalist and quirky drawings of all our favorite objects, such as cameras, typewriters, and rolls of film. So cute.

3 // Girls Can Punch! Zine by Whitney
Go some surprise mail from Whitney, and I'm always over joyed for surprise mail, especially surprise zines! Girls can punch is a mini zine empowering strong girls, and one of the illustrations is wearing a Wild Flag shirt. Swoon.

4 // Skrrrl Zine by Jolie aka Mrs. Noggle on etsy

Jolie did a short interview to feature me in Skrrrl , a zine about interviewing, reviewing and promoting other Riot Grrrl zinesters and artists. She publicizes lotsa cool distros and people, so it's kinda amazing.

5 // Motor City Kitty #18 by Bri
Traded zines with Bri a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed reading her writings about traveling on tour, and her thoughts and experience at Slut Walk. A real good read.

6// Club Imberbe, Queer Hall of Fame Zine by Una Buena Barba 

Club Imberbe, Queer Hall of Fame is a compilation zine from Spain, about various artists' submitting art about their queer idols was approached to do one, so I decided on do a drawing of Carrie Brownstien who I look up to as a Jane of all trades. I did a very middle school like drawing of her, which actually has inspired the theme for The next issue of my LOUDMOUTH zine. The zine is kind of beautiful, full color cover and really has some sweet illustrations in it. Oh, and there are pink flamingos on the inner cover. Love.


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