Friday, June 29, 2012

Punk Rock Betty Boop

Romper // H&M
Hair Clips // Crafted
Shoes // Zigi
This is my first romper! I was a bit late on this "look". Romper usually don't like me because my top and bottom proportions are a bit different, so onsies don't tend to fit on both halves. 
I felt like showing off my bangs today, based solely on the fact that i cut them myself and it's the straightest thats I've ever gotten them by doing them myself. Go Midge!

Well, I'm going to craft a bit and run off to the post office! Happy Friday!



Invisible Eavie said...

The fringe looks great (sorry for being so English...), love your blog!
Eavie x

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thanks Eavie! And hey we say fringe here too! (sometimes, haha)