Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Camera Passport Holder

I've kind of always wanted the novelty of owning a passport holder, but every one I see for sale is always so outrageously priced, and being as I'm going on my Canadian Vacation to Montreal in two days, I thought I would just make my own and share it with you!

I thought this replica of my Diana Mini would be a perfect adornment for my passport. Cameras always reminded me of traveling.

Ok, lets get started. You'll need felt in a few different colors, I picked pink for the main part but you can use any color you want. For the camera portion of the cover, you'll need black, turquoise or blue, and a teeny tiny bit of grey and white. All with threads to match if your a detail nut like me!

Start by cutting out a piece of felt that will be the main cover part - a 7.5 inches wide by 5.25 inches long piece of felt. An ordinary passport is 5 x 3.25, but you want a little extra wiggle room for this.

Place this part aside for second because now you'll cut out the pieces for your camera. Mine is 2 inches wide and 1 inch long, but you can edit that you your liking if you want. I normally cut out my main shape for felt crafts using a card stock template.

(One black rectangle, half of a rectangle in turquoise, and grey square for the lens and a white circle for the flash)

You want to sew all the parts of the camera on separately. Start by sewing the black rectangle to the main part of the holder. Then set it aside and add the flash to the turquoise portion. When that is done sew that right on top of the black rectangle on the holder. 

I probably should have attached the lens part before I attached it to the holder, but hey we all make mistakes. I ended up attaching that part last. Oh well.

When your camera is all done, it's time to attach the folder parts for the inside. these are what will hold your passport in place. the can be the same, or a in a different color.

Pin them in place and start sewing! Try and stay a close as humanly possible to the edge to ensure you have plenty of room for your passport. Of course, don't sew the inside edges of the these pieces because then they would be deemed useless. I do continue my stitching on the middle parts where they're not needed, but for decorative purposes.
You're done! Insert your passport, fold it closed, and flee the country!



lazy explorers said...

This is so cute!
Your blog is most definitely my new favorite!

Dreamy Princess said...

Thank you for the tutorial! ((:

Dreamy Princess

Kimberly Foo said...

Thank you for the measurements:)