Friday, July 13, 2012

Everything is Prettier in Montreal Part 1

So, I'm back! Sad, but it's good to be back to work and all that. My work is pretty awesome, so I can't complain.

Montreal was amazing, it was a much needed vacation for the both of us. We did a lot of walking and day drinking. Here's what I documented on our first day...

We went to the Old Port, a part on Montreal I've never been to, and I've been to Montreal atleast 20 times visiting Mike.

As I said, we went to the Old port which has lots of pretty doors and buildings to take pictures of.

Everything just sounds prettier in French...even the most mundane stuff.

We then checked out the port part...

After that we decided because we were on vacation we should do some day-drinking and bar hop! Along the way saw some cool street art.

In Canada, they put hard liquor in their beer. IT'S AWESOME. I could only have one at this place because I like being able to stand.

We took the train to more downtown-ish and found these guys. They were cool. We also found a DIY compass.

Then we found more beer and then got dinner! The end, til Part two!



Judith said...

Love the dress!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thank you! <3

Rhiannon said...

So now I kinda want to go to Montreal.