Saturday, July 14, 2012

Everything is Prettier in Montreal Part 2

We metro-ed over to Mont Royal to get some brunch on our second day it was the most amazing breakfast ever..eggs IN french toast. WHAT.

Then Mike wanted to go to the nerd games tore he used to regular, so I he bought me an ugly doll. Because I'm 5.

We fell into a love/hate relationship.. let the absurd instrgram photo series ensue:

Making prank calls to the front desk // nursing terrible hangovers // ordering hotel porno // getting drunk by noon.
Bad Girl.

Then we climbed the mountain! The mountain had stairs, so it wasn't real hiking.

Climbing up all those stairs was HARD but the view was pretty worth it.

The next day was our friend's wedding, but I got zero pictures because I didn't even bother bringing my purse.

But, theres more to come soon!



Ellomennopee said...

Loving your blog! Nice work!

Back home in South Africa we call the egg-in-bread dish Toad In The Hole. In England a Toad in the Hole is actually sausages in yorkshire pudding, and they call this dish Egg In The Basket. Try it, it's fun to make!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Yuuuuum! That was like the best breakfast of my LIFE!