Friday, July 27, 2012

Joker in the Pack

Dress// Eight Sixty
Shoes// Payless
Glasses// Carol's Dream Boutique

Happy Friday! The week flew by for me, every day I've gotten so much done and I feel like I've earned a great weekend ahead of me, partying, going to the beach, and a dinner date with my boo <3 

My mom got me this dress. I love when she buys me clothes, she has the best taste, as you may probably know from my posts from raiding her closet. Most stylish mommy ever award goes to her!

Also, since my room having it's total makeover, I'm starting to enjoy having flowers in here. Before, they just looked weird, amongst all the crap on the walls. These flowers are from the tree in the driveway, which my parents say is "my tree". And I Iove the expression on the face of that tiny nesting doll. She looks like she's in wonder and awe at the flowers in my room now.

I'm gonna go listen to Hunx and his Punx and pack some orders now.


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