Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Polka Dot Shoes Quickie Tutorial

This one is super easy, heres what all you'll need (two are my new best friends)

Martha the evil genius has struck again. This paint is boss. You'll need some of the all purpose craft paint in your color of choice, foam dot makers, and some plain shoes you got lying around.

Pour out some paint and make your dots! it's good to stamp the dot a couple times on your palette/scrap paper, because you don't want too much paint on it. You want nice, even dots, not globs.

I ended up having to do my dots twice, I could still see some of the black showing through. No biggie!

All done, now I have new shoes for my trip to Montreal tomorrow :)
This method can be used on a plethora of things, all you need are the dotters and Martha's magic paint. If I come up with any real cool ones, I'll be sure to post them here.
Happy dotting!



RedRoseVintage said...

These came out super cute! Gonna try it soon.

Ellomennopee said...

I'm intrigued. What else can you do with this paint? How is it different to plain 'ol artist's acrylic?

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Anything! It's all purpose, so unlike acrylic, it can go on anything. It's also a lot smoother.

Modern Girl Blitz said...